Looking for Acute Outpatient Programs in NV, MN, or ND

Holy buckets!! My son (21, diagnosed a year ago) met with his psych today and he suggested it might be a good idea for my boy to go to an inpatient/ acute outpatient program for a while. There’s nothing in AK, and we’re a big state :woman_shrugging:t2: I’ve got family we can stay with in NV, MN, and ND. It’s not an “immediate” situation but one we might need to pursue in the next few months.
Honestly, I’m terrified. For so many reasons - primarily my boy!! As a counselor, I’ve heard a lot about how bad some inpatient programs are, but to get him to an acute outpatient program, I need to take a leave of absence. I work for a nonprofit, private institution, so there’s no FMLA funding.
I’d definitely appreciate any advice!!

I am not able to suggest any places in those states. Perhaps you can search on the NAMI website for staff (mostly volunteers) in those states who could help you. Also, not all inpatient programs are bad, my daughter had good care and experiences each of the 5 times she was involuntarily admitted, to 4 different places total. Without inpatient care, we would never have found out which medicines worked/didn’t work for her. Please don’t automatically assume that you should be terrified of inpatient care, if it should be needed. I could never get her to go to outpatient care programs as she kept saying “I’m not like THEM” (the other participants). She could not see her own illness or nonsensical talk, but could see theirs. I do urge you to try to find a place/medicine that works for him while he is pretty “new” to his illness, as often a great outcome can be gotten if started early enough in the illness. Re: work, if there is ANY way to get your company to convert you to “at home” status, working from home or wherever you are, is a lovely way to be able to care for ill loved ones and still work (I work from home for almost 4 years now).

I’m not sure exactly what is going on with your son, but we have had to do residential treatment with our 26 year old daughter. She is at one of these facilities. Best of luck to you.

Oh, and my daughter has had an amazing experience in residential treatment. It has helped her tremendously. There is nothing to fear and much to be thankful for if it is a good, qualified, credentialed place.

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Thank you both for sharing your stories of successful residential treatment. That was something I really needed to hear and I appreciate you!!

I would look up Dr Shawn Baker on youtube… he talks about recent studies that have healed schizophrenia through diet.

My son is a dual diagnosis kid- alcohol and schizophrenic and has done very well at a 90 day in patient rehab . If your kid fits this behavior message me and I can give details.

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He drinks and smokes weed on occasion, but neither seems habitual now that I’m seeing him at home again.
The biggest challenges continue to be depression and anxiety.

My son used weed and booze to self medicate his depression etc.