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Requesting Advice

So the new man in my life was very honest with me & said he is a “high functioning schiz”. I’m looking for advice, what should I know/ how should I react when he is silent for days/ can you enlighten me as I have never experienced what he has & I’d like to be as understanding, helpful & encouraging as possible. Thank you!

If that’s the way he is, do you want to be with someone who’s silent for days?

If you choose to be with him theirs gonna be shittie days. My gf has to put up with similar stuff shes very patient and has figured out ways of making me talk. If he is high funtional it may not be bad and dont take the silence personal its not because of you. Good luck and just take it day by day.

Thank you for your feedback! I’m probably one of the most understanding, kind, strong women I know. At this point, there’s a lot of things that have brought us together & I’m not going to give up this early.

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The world needs more people like you. Sz are people too and having a strong supporting partner has helped me so much. Like i said dont take his negative symptoms personally, dont be afraid to call professional help if he really needs it most of us wont do this until its gotten ridiculous and we are forced to. But again the world needs more people like you so thank you for looking past his sz and recognizing him as a person deserving of your love.

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Thank you, that’s very kind of you. I’ve known him for half a year & after doing some reading on here tonight, I’m starting to understand that sz need time to themselves “to think” …he’s tried to express this to me & I’ve asked at least for “good morning & good night” I’m thankful to see he’s not lying, just unable to due to sz. I’m praying for him, haven’t heard from him in a day. It’s kinda good for me, I have to feel content no matter what circumstances I live through & thus far he as a person, those qualities (devoted single dad, works 6 days a week, serves at church…) Outweigh my feelings of being ignored. As he’s said, He’s not ignoring me, he needs time to just BE.

As long as he stays on medication, he`ll be good.

It’s probably something like what’s called “poverty of thought”. He just has nothing coming to him to say.