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Rollercoaster ride

Hey guys,
Last time I posted I was dealing with a major crisis and I felt very welcomed. Everyone who took the time to answer helped me a lot.
I’m very happy to say the crisis is over now. My mother took Haldol (and is not on a psychotic break anymore) and I hired a nurse twice a week.
(Thank you @j9sit for your suggestion. Sometimes I’m so emotionally strained I simply despair. I haven’t had a good night sleep in ages.)
I know it’s not a permanent solution. But I’ll cherish the few peaceful days I have until her next fit.
I feel so relieved and thought I could share these good news with you guys.
It’s like being stuck on a rollercoaster ride, isn’t it?
But there are good days ahead.


One day at a time , Happy thanks giving :bouquet:

Relish the good days when you get them. And know that even the worst days will eventually end. And that you’re not alone on this crazy-ass ride.