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Back on the rollercoaster

Well it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. I’m on here tonight as my mum is once again being detained/sectioned or however I’m meant to write it. On one hand I feel relieved that she’ll get help and get back on medication (hopefully) on the other I realise the rollercoaster has just started again- although I don’t think it’s ever stopped really. I’m not sure I’m making much sense, I’m trying to understand how I feel and I felt this was the best place to unload my feelings as you get it! Whoever you are, you understand the ups and downs and the despair when you let yourself think that things might be getting better and then it starts all over again.
My mum will be 70 in May and she has had to live with this terrifying illness for nearly 40 years and it’s just not fair. None of this is fair. I’m so grateful and so lucky that she receives wonderful care I just hate schizophrenia.
I’m sorry, I know this is a muddled message with no real point to it but trying to explain these feelings to someone who hasn’t been through this is impossible however hard they try.
Love to all, I hope your day has been as good as it can be x

I hear you. Sometimes I feel like I’ve drawn the short stick. Hang in there. I’m sorry for the stress of this disease.

Thank you for your reply x
Today’s better, I had my rant last night and can start dealing with it all again. I’m just so happy and grateful that there’s somewhere like this that I can have a rant or a moan when I’m feeling down x

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Hello Jcar,
We all get it! There is no getting off the ride at the amusement park! We can all share our feelings here. Even though our situations are different we all share the same thread of mental illness.
My mom is in her second stage of dimentia, she was never diagnosed as having a MI, but I’m sure she has some undiagnosed illness, she has all the symptoms even before the dimentia.
Let us know how your mom is doing, and take care, AnnieNorCal