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SA - Science Debunks Midlife Myths


Psychological studies suggest that midlife crises are real, but the stereotypes are not
Feb 12, 2015 |By Hanna Drimalla

A forty something middle manager quits his day job, buys a sports car and abandons his wife for a younger woman. Diagnosis? Midlife crisis. Lester Burnham in American Beauty, Walter White in Breaking Bad—examples of these desperate characters abound in popular culture, and the concept is entrenched in our collective psyche. But are people of a certain age really more likely to launch a total life reboot?


**Truth! :smile: **


I live a meek life really. Only public contact I get are art lessons, the grocery store. and errands in town. I don’t see my life to totally change anytime soon except that I’ve stopped smoking again. which in fact I guess does open change…good change.