Sagar Gorijala

Continuing the discussion from Seeing and not seeing:

My quote made me free from mental agony and anguish and I couldn’t read your post as I’ve Schizophrenia and reading was my thing when I was young. When I was young reading Reader’s Digest was so awesome and now I can’t read. Many years ago some guy I don’t remember the guy or the website, he posted " I can’t read " then and there I understood that the guy is unable to read because his Brain is in ill health condition and thus not cooperating itself with reading the book or reading anything. But some other guy made fun of him or may be he considered it has a joke and I think made some non friendly comments or something like that… your topic was “seeing and not seeing” or something

so I thought this quote will free you

That stuff alluded to in the quote is not about what I go through. I am sorry I can’t say more. But I do think I know what you are trying to convey. All I am sure of is that I tried to do this roommateship with a completely open mind and no preconceived notions, and the “emptiness” phenomena just began to pile up anyway until I was able to really grasp the thing as a whole. I am moving out and devoting ALL my energies to accomplishing just that. Then his family or the system will take care of him.
Problem will therefore be solved, for me.

You are absolutely correct. I didn’t read what you posted earlier but I do understand that it’s good to step aside and assume everything is going to be okay rather than expecting a different individual with a different frame of mind to step aside or communicate well.