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Scared and Feeling Helpless


Hi everyone. I am new here and hoping to get some support as well as any helpful info regarding schizophrenia. My father was diagnosed almost 38 years ago. For 36 years with the help of meds he showed no symptoms. Now, since June he has been hospitalized twice…currently hospitalized now. I will get into further detail next time…but I really feel so helpless. He is a great man and it seems that all his worries about money etc has brought his relapse on. Does constant worry actually cause a relapse of this condition?


It’s a complicated illness. I’d say it sounds like you’re on to something though.

I’m constantly trying to predict the potential things that will make me relapse.

You never know though.


SoitGoes…I can be completely wrong…but I feel like my father relapsed when he realized he couldn’t work anymore…neither could my mother so she could be with him…therefore no money coming in. I visited him today and although he seems a bit better…he just won’t stop worrying. I know how complicated it can be. I wish I could fix everyone with this disease.
I hope that you can relax your mind and keep yourself on track soitgoes.


Thanks for that.

You can’t really fix the illness. Try helping him with the scenario that has him stressed. He probably just needs some light at the end of the tunnel. i’m sure the relapses themselves are also stressful.


You are very welcome!
My mother and I both try. I assure him everything is fine and that I will never let him go without money. I don’t have much but I will def take care of him and my mother before myself.
Then comes the hallucinations. Mind you…my whole life I’ve never seen him like this. They aren’t frequent though. Trying to hurt himself is what worries us the most…and is ultimately why he agreed to go back to hospital. He is aware much of the time and tries to fight whatever he is hearing or seeing. My mother is is comfort ultimately.
He was on a very low dose of quetapine ( not sure if I spelled it correctly) for 38 years which was fine.
He is now on a higher dosage plus some depression med which we suspect can make it worse?


Constant worrying causes stress. Stress can cause a relapse.
Do a search online for both “relapse prevention in schizophrenia” and “signs of relapse in schizophrenia”. I think you will find some interesting, helpful information.


Thank you 77nick77!!! I definitely will do that!


The simple answer is, “Yes, it can.” The more complex question is, “Does he actually have a reason to worry?” If he does, get the problem solved. If he doesn’t, try this:

Schematherapy –
Learned Optimism –
Standard CBT –


Hey Notmoses…he does I supposse. We need to get many things settled as far as income and so on to make it easier for both him and my mom…and we will…but it won’t be instantly at all. It’s all gonna take time to get settled which is troublesome to him even though I would help in any way. He doesn’t really accept help…especially financially.
But I will def check this out as there are def other things he doesn’t need to worry about!!

Thank you!


It may help you to understand what goes on in the severely split mind of the schizophrenic who says this and does that.

They have locked compartments of beliefs and interpretations of the situations in their lives – based on those beliefs – that are unaware of each other. It sounds like he has one that demands that he be seen as competent and capable… and another that just knows that he is helpless and hopeless.

The schizophrenic cannot see all the space in between.

Those therapies are designed to recover that lost space.


Worry is stress - and stress is a well-known contributing factor in schizophrenia - both in initial causation and in subsequent relapse.

Schizophrenia and Stress


Can chronic stress cause schizophrenia?

Some tips on how to deal with it are here:

Seven Keys to Relapase Prevention:


Thank you for all the input everyone! Will def check out these sites.


I don’t know if constant worry can cause a relapse. It could be a number of things. Your father could have gotten off his med’s for some reason. Whatever the cause, you need to protect yourself emotionally. Try to get some emotional distance from your father’s illness, if you can. You have to realize that you don’t have a lot of control over this situation. The AA serenity prayer might be helpful - “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.”


It sounds like a “cause illness” where you go through something difficult in life.

I believe these kind will pass over time.

There is hope.


Crimby and Daze…thank you. He def worries too much and during that time may have taken too much meds. His behavior was odd and he even left work and didn’t tell anyone before he really relapsed badly.That’s another long story though.
I guess I have to realize I don’t have control but I am always trying to figure out ways to make things easier for both my parents. They are all I have besides my husband and I find this so difficult. I find it difficult to see him suffer. I wish I could reverse the situation and take it away from him!
Ahhh life.


Sometimes, as your body changes, the same medicines don`t work the same way.
i think you are doing a good job. All you can do is keep reassuring him. if he is that aware, then he knows he will be able to get stable again while in the hospital
Good luck to you and your family!**


Thank you bridgecomet…that .was alot to me so thank you!!The Dr’s said the same thing today about body changes as you get older…therefore meds sometimes dont work.He will stay for a few more weeks but will be changing his depression meds which don’t seem to work. They do think that quetapine is working though. So I guess it’s baby steps…but that’s all we can do!!! The Dr’s said he worries about everything so I need to fig out a way to help him stop a bit. Just not sure how yet.