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Scared but Thankful

Hello I am new to this site. My son is 22 and has been diagnosed bi-polar He’s battled drugs and psychosis since his teens. He’s sober now for 10 months, but psychosis hasn’t abated. My heart is broken, I am beyond scared for him and myself too, if I’m truthful. I can’t bear to write any more about it right now, but I wanted to express my support to everyone here. I’m so very thankful I found this forum. I feel less alone and sometimes that’s all we can offer one another. Can anyone recommend a phone or video support group? That’s what I was looking for when I stumbled upon this forum. Thank you and I hope you are getting some some rest and peace in your lives.

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Welcome to the forum @Leann. So glad you found us. Look to see if there is a local NAMI family support group in your area. Curesz is also a good source for finding support. They will set you up with a mentor. Another care giver going through a similar situation as you. On Facebook there is a private group called MOMI Mothers of the Mentally Ill. The person who runs that group can set you up with family resources. Also, I find the You Tube videos on “Living well with schizophrenia” very informative.


Welcome here. Sorry you made it.
Drug addiction is a horrendous battle…
Severe MI is life long…
Share your story and please, there’s never shame… reading our own stories (we all have them) is, sadly, the strongest thing we have.


Thank you @PNWMom & @Wisdom for your warm welcoming and insight. :blue_heart: I will seek out the resources mentioned and begin this next phase of the journey.

Previous years were dedicated to addiction issues so the full picture of his mental health was not known. I naively thought drugs were the problem, regardless of the diagnosis, so seeing psychosis breaking through with sobriety and proper med adherence is disarming. :frowning:

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