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I know this doesn’t really apply to us caregivers/parents however I thought some may get some enjoyment or be able to relate to some of the stories as we all get stressed.

This post made me think. I try to contribute to food drives etc, usually with the mindset of providing only essentials.

I’ve been on the receiving end of food drives so I try to be as much on the giving end as possible these days.

The thing that I think a lot of people who donate forget is… many of the homeless who get food from the food bank have no way to cook it. Or many of our new citizens haven’t experienced some of our American Tinned food or powdered milk and don’t know what to do with it.

I’m really glad to be part of Northwest harvest that gets the surplus from the community gardens and donates a lot of veggies that don’t need cooking.

Thank you for this article.

The Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Project began three years ago, with just a handful of families.

A handful of mothers who confessed not being able to afford Thanksgiving dinners and a handful of readers who volunteered to help them. Nobody was trying to save the world; we just wanted to be able to make a difference in one family’s life.

And then the magic happened.

More families came forward with their struggles and even more families pitched in to help, donating anywhere from a dollar to several hundred. Over four hundred families celebrated a Thanksgiving dinner they otherwise would have gone without and Scary Mommy Nation (now a 501©3 charity) was born.

I came across the Scary Mommy website by accident last year. :smiley:

One woman wrote about her experience as a volunteer at her children’s school. The other childrens parents made rude remarks about her clothing and called her poor.

Her response was “excuse me I have a nursing degree and am a nurse”.

Did not know if I wanted to laugh or cry.