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Today's daily event...a place to share

As we all now, each day brings its own challenges. And sometimes, we just need to share it.

I created this post to just put it out there. Random events, things that leave you going…huh? Did this really happen as events begin to blur and days meld together.

I really think we could all benefit from reading posts of the daily things we experience. The things that we just want to tell someone who can understand.

Here in this thread…we don’t have to offer support, or suggest what could help…just - learn from one another’s EXPERIENCES.

I enjoy reading THE EXPERIENCES of others here…this as is SO complex and its so very validating to read others with similar stuff going on.

I hope we can keep this going - I know it will be my first “go to” read of the evening.

Thanks everyone. Much love and support.

Tracy :innocent:


So I’ll go first. :confused:

This last weekend, our daughter was visiting her mom. She sooo wants to live with her she can’t stand it. She’s 20 and dad is her guardian.

Anyway, she calls me in a panic and tells me:

“Tracy I can’t come back home. It’s too scary there and I don’t feel safe. I don’t need a guardian; I am fine. I am scared at dad’s house because Texas Chainsaw Massacre people are there. I know they are supposed to be dead, but they are not. They are at that house. So I can’t come back. If you make me, I will just go to jail. Or maybe I will go back to the hospital for a while, but I can’t come back”

Well? Later on…she did come back.

The problem here is that none of us know if this is a real psychosis episode or a behavioral manipulation to convince us of her “wants”.

She’s been instutionalized (not sure how many) but at least 9 times in 3 1/2 years. She’s learned a lot from others.

So we just don’t know?


I feel the same with my son. Seems if he wants something he is nicer however afterward he can become ugly
My son was up all night ranting in 3 voices, all lights on, candles burning, half dressed, doors wide open, calling whoever on his unactivated phone, making messes everywhere he went, crumbs, spilt coke, knocked over lamp, etc…Then he told me that I died and have become reincarnated and am whole again.
He fought with Russians today, married Emilia Earnhardt, has 36 children, then I forced emilia to divorce him which he loudly accused me of doing and this was just the morning !


Thank you for sharing. Hopefully he will be REALLY tired today and you will have some quiet time to get some well deserved rest!

I really hope you are keeping a journal. Somewhat like a “pass along” notebook. You can legally be a “reporter” for you son to his pdoc. Information can go one way and not break ANY HIPA rules.

Pamper yourself, long hot bath, anything that will help you to maintain wonderful resilient person you are!


Oh. And validating the super nice angel that shows up when she’s brewing up an I want".
Sad to say,…but there seems to always be a hook. If not immediate…its coming. :confused:


Darn if that isn’t the naked truth😂.


My day’s event is trying to figure out if my son’s credit card has been stolen or hacked. There are 3 charges from yesterday in the same store in a town 5 hours from where he lives - at a store he usually hates. I have texted him, I have called, but we all know that when he will be able to actually “be himself” enough to check his phone - charge his phone - find his phone- is anyone’s guess.

I put a block on the card and I wait because I don’t want to report the charges as fraud if it, somehow, was him.


Best you can do for now anyway. If it isn’t missing and he tries to use it…when it doesn’t work…he will most likely call you asap! In that case, I would simply reply…let me see what I can find out, lift the block and tell him all is fixed. They had something mixed up. And then, you are the miracle worker :grinning:



I wake at 4:30. I make lunch for husband, send him off.
Give younger boy his meds (so he’s not sooo sleepy all day) and wake older boy.
Feed and send older boy to HS.

This is my time for coffee, my little bird, my dog, and to “visit” with the other parents at I also check my crochet group at fb. My time, in the semi dark of the kitchen.

When I see this:



He can’t sleep right now…so I told him he could stay up until midnight, and show me that he can get himself into bed properly. This would determine if I let him stay up again.

He did…I checked at midnight, he was already in bed.
I found the face after I had been at the computer for about 30 minutes this morning.

He has a delightful sense of humor at times.

He actually used color…something he seldom does.

He woke early for him (8am) and asked for a sandwich.
Then…went back to bed.

It’s quiet here.
I should rejoice.


its wild here - one of those days that has gotten out of control BUT its not Jeb, just lots going on and people showing up and changing plans

Credit card was fraud, Jeb still has his and surfaced long enough to say so


Stray cat that I just had spay surgery done is going nuts with her heat cycle. She has to be enclosed because a male could hurt her and she is freaking out. Had to move her. Septic guy showed up, husband had questions for him so I am relaying until I finally just gave the septic guy the phone for goodness sake, grandbaby is on the way as his mom needs to helps a friend prepare Valentine orders.

Credit card company wants to know for sure its me reporting the fraud they seem surprised that i don’t know the limit on the card - seriously?


Lol…we move, all the time, for husbands work.

I hate it when they ask me to confirm past addresses.

REALLY? We’ve moved 18 times in 10 years.

I don’t know my present address!!!
Forget about the zip.

That always freaks out the cc people.


Yeah, I can see you being puzzled when they throw the street list where none of them apply - after all those moves you would be pretty sure you had lived on one of them


@hope Wow! Glad you found the fraudulent charges and put the block on. Also, good to hear he checked in with you. Super yay!

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This too shall pass! I hope it wasn’t an exorbitant amount and that you’ll be able to get it resolved quickly.

Does anyone use those credit monitor or identity theft protection programs for their loved ones? (LifeLock or other similar program?) Maybe that’s something I need to look into.


@calicakes I did put a credit monitoring service on my son’s social security number after his wallet was stolen with his driver’s license in it several years ago - he used to regularly leave his wallet on the seat of his car in plain sight. That time I knew it was stolen as they broke into his car. The other times in the past, he had simply lost it.

He carries one of our credit cards for emergency purposes (my son is able to drive) I have an email sent to me each time he uses it.

@Nebuddy - yes it was a nice resolution for the day

Happy Valentine’s Day!


I was told not to keep my SS card in my wallet. I keep it at home, in my desk.

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After that, I didn’t even give Jeb his replacement social security card.

Happy Valentine’s Day Jan!




Well, not today (as I am usually at work). Last night my son was very restless and was thrashing around his room at 2:30 am. I think he is withdrawing from Spice. So I had the cops come and check on him. That was our first time with the police, who were very helpful. My son would not open the door nor talk to us, but one officer got a look at him, another had grown up with him, and the main officer discussed with me that if he is not hurting himself or others, and is eating bathing and drinking that it was best not to force him to the hospital. So we left it at that. His behavior is more bizarre than I’ve seen before - walking up and down the stairs up and down, with computers, without, going outside, coming back in, making odd gestures with his arms and hands (like he is holding a football or passing a drink to someone or well just way odd). That was my last night - 3 hours of sleep. Boyfriend and son now moving out - which is probably the best. I’m not sure if this is sz or the Spice (or withdrawal) or both. At least he’s come out of his room - but now I’m concerned just how weird it’s going to get. Sigh.