Schizophrenia is not (fill in the blank)



A death sentence


Schizophrenia is NOT the end of anything :heart:

split personality
always a life long condition

the ending to one’s story.

…A walk in the park…

The person who has it. There is more to our loved ones then this.

fun or fair. Its horrific for the sufferer. Its like being on a scarey roller coaster. Its just fear fear fear and stress.

the end of the world as many believe. There is a good life waiting for you.

what defines a person. People are too diverse and complex.

… a weakness. We are a strong and resilient bunch

schizophrenia is not …the end of the world!!!

practical. (I know I’m coming from a different angle).

The meaning that I’m violent or scary!

The definition of who I am!

An excuse to treat someone like they do not matter. It is not a joke.

characterized by a lack of intelligence.

A character flaw.

Anyone’s fault.

A walk in the park.

Schizophrenia is not a killing sensitivity such as cancer. Noone is in danger! :sparkles: