Schizophrenia or Borderline/narcissist?

My husband had been diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder. 8 years ago. He had been thru DT’s from alcohol withdrawal at least 12 times. During one of the DT’s (5 yrs ago) he was still hallucinating 3 weeks later. The Psych Dr. said he thought he was Schizophrenic. This made sense to me as I knew my husband was not an DEA agent. My husband would freak out thinking cops were hiding in the bushes at night forcing me to crawl around on the ground. I thought he was just being strange from drinking so much. He has been sober 3 years but has never taken any meds to help with SZ. He still believes he was an DEA agent and says because of my mouth he can’t tell me any more as I will get us killed. Could he be a narcissist as well? I am so confused to what all is problems are! I have read alot on Narcissist abuse and I can relate to it all. Can a person with a diagnosis of Borderline and SZ be a narcissist? I know my husband lies all the time and I thought he made up the DEA just to impress people…I think he is probably more ill then what I realize. He is a master at hiding what is really going on with him. He has never told his Family (Mom and Brothers) he was DEA because they know he wasn’t…So why does he do this with me and casual friends? I left him 3 months ago…and am sickened by all of this.

You got all the basic stuff about personality disorders on this page.

Maybe if you talked to a doctor he might be able to tell you. I honestly have no idea. If he didn’t tell his family he was DEA because they knew he wasn’t that doesn’t sound right for sz to me. I’m no doctor so put a professional opinion before mine for sure but it does seem fishy. A sz might think they are a DEA agent but we think it all the way.

By the way what’s the DEA?

DEA is Drug enforcment agency. When he was in hosp and was hallucinating he never told anyone what he was thinking…he would whisper to me because he trusted me, but e thought eeryone else was in on it and he was out smarting them

Maybe @kathyf could help you. Her sister is boarder line and her brother is anti social + sz. She probably knows more about these things than I do.

I hope I’m not being rude by recommending you kathyf. I just thought you guys would like each other.