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Scitzophrenia + drug user

My daughter was diagnose in 2017 with this desease She is on clozaoine but I don’t know if she takes her meds My daughter has been ondrugs for,7 years I just,wanted to know if any other parents have these complex issues? So ver hard regards elli

I have a daughter who was diagnosed at 15… it’s been a struggle cuz she chooses to use drugs and go off her meds… for 17 years I made sure she got her psychotic injection and want homeless… then she took off to Vancouver… I drove myself broke and drove myself to drinking because of the codependency crazies…I detached when she went that far away… I can’t drive there every two weeks to make sure she gets her meds… eventually she was put on a community treatment order… I have not seen her for 2 years… I last heard from her 2 weeks ago… I pray and put her in gods hands… cuz I can’t do anymore… she needs to quit drugs and she chooses not to

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Hi Eli55,

It’s not my child, but my husband who is schizophrenic and on street drugs/alcohol. It is hard enough for non-MI people to get off drugs or alcohol, but it seems even more difficult for those with MI.

I know it is no comfort, but please know it’s not your fault and that your daughter probably doesn’t realize what harm she is doing to herself. Drugs are easy to get and cheap. People offer drugs to one another all the time. She just wants to feel better, and it seems that street drugs make a person feel better or take away their pain immediately, as opposed to medication that can take months to “feel.”

It is hard. Take care of yourself, keep on being there for her when you are able and don’t give up hope. There are success stories out there. Just look at the forum and you will see some recent schizophrenic posters who are doing well and are happy.


I don’t know if you have read any more posts of mine but I also explain my daughter has gone back to her husband that shes been seperated from for 2 years Il keep this brief as I had no sleep last night + just need to catch up on some rest. Hes extremely violent he introduced her to the worst drug in the world he used her as a punching bag Honestly this creature should have been drowned at birth. Anyway last night she got 30 seconds by herself rung me saying she was terrified of him. That he wouldn’t leave her home but then she had to hang up. We my partner + I went to the police we went with them they finally take him to mental health facility. I don’t know about America but here in Oz its hard to get an AVO On someone without evidence eg black eyes etc. So today we went to the police again I hear has he threatened you? Do u have evidence ?? I thought here we go again!!! This guy has a bad rap sheet never gets sent to goal!!! So we have made an appointment to see the police supposedly today!! But its been hours + nothing no call he even shot her up with drugs. Im thinking again it will b hopeless when 1 woman dies a week here from DV ok gotta get a bit of sleep take care all

What a bad situation, I am so sorry @Eli55. It’s difficult where I live to get police involved. I hope you got some sleep.

I’m sorry, I didn’t realize the other situations involved with your daughter. I sincerely hope this time with the police will be the time when her husband gets help. I also hope your daughter will be able to recover from this incident with her husband and won’t go back to him again.

I forget sometimes that some posters are from places other than the US unless they mention it in their posts. In the US, there are so many options for getting help in situations such as yours, especially with physically violent domestic abuse. Hoping the best for you and your daughter…:purple_heart:

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I have a grandson diagnosed sz affective. Was doing meth and heroin, pot , vicodin. Pretty much anything he could get his hands on . We kept trying antipsychotics nothing worked until clozapine. He was hospitalized for over 2 weeks to bring his clozapine levels up quicker. He was back to his old self in a week. He had one more relaspe anout 3 months after. But happy to say now he is doing well. He works fulltime and we are starting to plan him moving out on his own. Been a long process almost 4 years for hom clean now so it can happen

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