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Hi mew here my daughter was diagnosed in 2017 with scitzophrenia Its been a hard journey . Now my daughter is on a really sting anti-phycotic I always forget the name of it but I do know she has to have blood tests etc every week. Though she wanted this drug for a while now. Though she read it puts on a lot of weight + now has decided not to take it Shes 34 + tried nearly every drug available without success Im having a hard time trying to reason with her,any suggestions would appreciate them thank you

Hi @Eli55. I am sorry to hear of your daughter’s illness. My daughter did not get better from her psychosis until she was put on a monthly shot. She would not take any medicine in pill form, and did not think she was ill. A court made her start taking medication, and a shot that lasted for 30 days was recommended. It is the ONLY reason she is better now (for almost six months). She is 35 and her illness started at age 32 as far as I know (perhaps it was earlier and I didn’t know then).

Hi I Sony feel so alone now when I know that there are people out there struggling with the same issues that I have. Sometimes its so hard to know what to do for the best. Sometimes I feel that I am living in a nightmare + then I realize that its not its,all true + I become very depressed . Most of the time I feel like im the meat in the sandwich as my partner does not understand mental health illnesses at all. Though he has always supported me just up until this weekend. My daughter confines to make the same mistakes over + over she never learns from her mistakes. This weekend saw her go back to her extremely violent husband after 2 years of seperation that’s when my partner said " ok im done no more ive had enough" I cany blame him its a drama every day. You see my daughter is a drug user her husband introduced her to it. And shes also has scitzophrenia so the anti phycotics she takes for the constant voices really is hopless as the drugs just increase her psycosis . I am so depressed that ive tried everything to help her but her decision to reunite with this very evil man has got me extremly concerned for her welfare > This animal belted her everyday of their marriage sexually assaulted her etc so much I cant even write it. She cant or wont understand why we r all so upset about her latest decision. I take her weekly to see her phyciatrist now everything ive put in place for her will be 100% neglected. But thank you so much for responding it helps cheers tc

So sorry you are dealing with this. Sz alone is a challenge. When you add the dual dx of substance abuse it is almost impossible.

My son is non med compliant. He does ok with CBT to control his behavior…until it gets too intense. Then he has what he calls F-it moments and drinks. He can consume massive amount of beer and I wish he would pass out but it energizes him. Then the monsters in his mind take over and crazy comes out to play. When he makes these choices I distance myself. I know it will not end well. I think he does too but does not care.

Mentally ill people are not dumb. And they can manipulate. It is a hard line to say I will support you until ……. and then step back. But we need to do so because we need to be there when they crash.

Please see a therapist for yourself. Boundaries are extremely hard to establish when you have a dual dx. However, for your sake you need to establish them.

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I do see a pycologist though recently due to my daughters issues ive had to cancell so many times. Everytime I close my eyes all I see is this brute standing over her. Demanding money Hocking all her new things that I bought her for her new unit. Yes u mentioned standing back this is my main problem I was told never close the door on them but this was a drug forum I think when is enogh enough?? Ive ruined 3 relationships due to me always just dropping things + running to rescue her from.violence unsafe situations Its so hard to explain my situation so different to everyones. Shes been addicted to drugs for 6 years 4 times in rehap. Gets out starts up again. So many lies im always broke cause I do not give her money for drugs but there is always something I am.on a very low wage + cant even support myself. Last week it totalled to $200 over 3 days and guess what I had $6.45 left for 2 weeks + I smoke don’t drink no drugs just like my digs na I had nothing given it all to her. This week she had $1200 she only had to pay her electricity bill No the husband comes back all wentbon drugs gambling + no bill.paid. now im left worrying whose going to pay the bill I haven’t got it. I just want to go to a mountain + scream. The rest of the family have given up on her!! She will come stat with me for week or 2 when I run out of food or shes getting paid its bye mum So many people have told me to just walk away I just cant Terrified she will commit suicide my head is filled with non stop crap thank you for your response and hope that your situation gets better too I pray

hang in there. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do

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It is very hard when you watch your children do the same thing over and over and get hurt over and over. It is ok to tell her you will always provide food (not money) so she can eat and shelter on a short term basis and let her figure every thing else out.

Can you contact your local United Way for referral to a woman’s shelter and legal aid? Perhaps obtain guardianship and place her in a home?

My heart breaks for your. Hang in there. You are a good mom.

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When they put her on monthly shot, how do they determine which antipsychotic to use? What happen if she has bad side effect from it? My son is also anti med too so he might end up getting monthly shot in the future so I just want to find out in advance.

So far @Bzhan there have been minimal side effects (weight gain and occasional nerve irritation that Benedryl helps). I pray that the severe ones never happen for her.

During forced hospitalization, Haloperidol pills are sometimes the first medication used. It is an old drug, but can have severe side effects. If pills are tolerated, a shot can be tried. She had 5 hospitalizations, and several medicines were tried. Luckily she went back to the same hospital the 5th time, that put her on Haldol during her 3rd hospitalization. I faxed in a fax to three hospitals (as HIPPA rules wouldn’t allow the hospitals to tell me if she was there) and said in the fax “If my daughter is in your hospital, as I know she went from jail to SOME hospital in this area, PLEASE give her a Haldol 30 day injection as it handled almost all of her symptoms in the past. It is THE best drug she was ever put on.”

She only stayed on the Haldol shot since Dec 2018 because it was court ordered. When the court order was lifted, she continued to take her shot willingly.

Been there done that,
Very important vid from my daughter, listen to all of it, day after ECT:

from this:

to this:


to this: