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Seeking ur kind help for my paranoid schizophrenic mother

Hello everybody
I hope kindly to read my story and help me.
I have a paranoid schizophrenic mother that have fixed illusion we couldn’t change.she is stick to a religious thing that only God and religious treatment can treat her and refusing so bad to go to a psycotherapist. Also that is effecting my autistic brother,she is not letting us to take him out and enjoy his time ,she recently accused us that we did some sort of magic in our autistic brother.also I have 2 sisters that are very connected to her and now she don’t want both of them to go to school because my autistic brother start refusing to deal with my mother and get angry when she enter his room.
Although she brought a religious guy to treat him from what she think it’s magic,and he told her that my brother need phycotherapist because he had episodes of anger,but still she wasn’t satisfied.
Am kindly seeking your kind help on dealing with my mother and returning my family to normal life. I would really appreciate that.
Thank u

Has she received any treatment in her life?
All you can do is doctors and meds.
She will never be “normal” again. As a caregiver, all you can do is learn to deal with it the best you can.
My wife did the God thing for many years, it was not pleasant.

Thanks gssp for ur kind reply…she is refusing to seek any medical care.and refused to take any medication.

There’s a book called I’m Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help by Dr Xaviar Amador.

It’s intended to teach you ways to talk to your ill family member so that you can bring the stress levels down for everyone involved, and hopefully, get them to see that they could benefit in some way from treatment even if they can never see that they are sick.

It’s a short book, and easy enough to understand, but it takes a lot of practice to get right. However, a lot of people have great success with it.

There are also some videos and information on it here:

and here:

I sound like a broken record recommending this book so often, but it really helped me even though I still can’t follow the LEAP method it teaches 100%. I’m very direct & blunt so it goes against my nature, but I continue to try.


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If you have a religious leader you trust, could you get them to help you intervene? If she thinks the religious leader is speaking for God, she may be more willing to trust and follow along. I suppose it’s worth a try. You. Sometimes have to agree with the delusional thinking in order to get her to move forward. If things get worse for your brother you may need to contact Child or Adult Protective Services. Best wishes!