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Self Love Self Care

To all the family members remember self love and self care ! Make sure you help your loved ones but don’t forget about your own mental state . Stay strong Guys


Thank you Dracc123! :heart: How have you been lately?

I am right now taking a vacation. I haven’t been on a vacation since before I met my husband, so probably 10 or 11 years ago. I am visiting a town where I used to live and still have friends there. The friends I have met with so far have been so supportive and kind over the years but also have worried about me and say I need to take better care of myself.

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That’s amazing ! And yes you have to keep yourself sane and healthy !! I’ve been doing better finally realizing I can’t help a person who dosent wanna be helped no matter how much I love him . I have to love myself and my kids first . All is well, stay strong :muscle:t5:

If you haven’t had a vacation for 10-11 years, then your friends are definitely right.

So glad you are doing something just for you.

Thank you for this important reminder, @dracc123