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Sheltering in place

Was successful in helping Jeb decide to drive to a relative’s house to be safe from coming storm/flooding. He is one of the people with scz who can drive. Rarely gets a ticket and the two times he was in an accident the other drivers was clearly at fault. (Yes I know what you might be thinking , but one ran a red light and the other was drunk driving at night without lights) One really good thing is that Jeb doesn’t drive when psychosis is overwhelming him.

Jeb drove 45 minutes and returned, luckily, before we had evacuated ourselves. His muttering when he returned, it was not the angry muttering of a break, it was the deep muttering when he is talking to his voices.

We will not leave him. He will not get in a vehicle with either of us, the psychosis is too much.

Keep you posted - its always something eh?

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Hi Hope,

I am concerned for your family and will pray for you all today. I understand not leaving your son. I wouldn’t either, but it is okay if you have to.

If you are ordered to be evacuated, is there any chance some sort of officials might take him to safety?

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Oh my - you guys must be in the path of the hurricane.

I’ve been through a few of those in my life - nothing fun about them.

I hope you guys aren’t in a low-lying place and you’ve got strong, deep rooted trees if any are around you.
Please let us know you’re all OK when you can.

If my son was staying, I’d stay too - for better or worse.

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Praying for you and your family. I wish your son psychosis will not interfere with his safety and he is get in the vehicle with you and with his dad.
you may want to consult with law enforcement so they can force him to evacuate to a safe place.
what part of texas are you at?

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So nice of you to respond - Hereandhere, slw, and CAAR2016. Yes its a hurricane, our county is Matagorda and we are under mandatory evacuation. Here, you can stay as long as you are over the age of 18, children will be taken into protective custody if people have them in the county. We are not right on the coast. We figure we will lose power at some point due to the live oaks - they have shallow root bases and many trees will go down once the ground is saturated. We would have called for help if we were closer to the projected landfall.

We were so relieved when he drove off and equally dismayed when he returned. So glad we hadn’t left, we would have been sick with fear if we had left and he had not arrived at our relative’s house. Thank you for your prayers CAAR2016 and Hereandhere. Will keep you updated as long as we have power, I suspect when we lose power we will lose internet.

Thanks for understanding slw.

Stay dry y’all

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We’ll have to hope for your trees to stand - we have real oaks that come crashing down in hurricanes, the tornados that are frequent now but I never remember as a kid, and straight-line winds.

It’s amazing anyone around here keeps power unless their lines are buried.

Hopefully, your son handles that kind of thing well.

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You take care hope! Worried for all of you! We’ve been watching it on the news, even here in Canada. All the best, and please let us know when you can, how you fared.

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Img take care. It’s great though that Jeb can still drive, stay safe .

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He usually comes through in a crisis -hope we don’t get to a crisis.


Thanks so much Leiann and Jane57. We still have power and the ground has gone from being dry to saturated. The storm has grown larger but we are all hoping it breaks up when it gets on land. We are not fond of the scenario that brings it back through here.

The psychiatrist that we first consulted who specialized in scz told us that many of those who suffer even severely can drive and do so responsibly. Bit of a head shaker for us, my husband really wanted to stop Jeb from driving. The doctor questioned us about tickets and accidents and said that in his experience, unless Jeb’s driving history changed it was reasonable to allow him to drive.

At my support group one of the leaders said she has heard too many tales about people suffering from scz driving away and not coming back to support driving. We have not had a problem like that either.

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@hope Please keep us updated if you can

Thinking of all of you

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Thanks Hereandhere, This situation makes you think about all of the other people who have probably been in similar situations in the past. I can promise you, I didn’t say “what next?” or “surely nothing else can happen” to bring this on. But its happening anyway.

So far no word or text from Jeb. I have texted him some safety reminders. They say that if our area gets an emergency situation it will most likely happen from rain in the next couple of days. Like everyone else on the coast, we expect power to fail any minute.


Still have power, gusting winds, like all of Texas, waiting to see where storm goes now that it’s on land.

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Seen it on news here in the UK, hope everyone stays safe .

I was watching it on the news a little last night hoping you guys were safe.

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Our possible next biggest problem ahead is that Texas “drains” through the rivers that flow through the coastal counties and Houston underpasses flood easily. Looks like the storm surge wasn’t as bad as worse scenarios predicted. Thanks so much for thinking of us. Hoping trees stay up everywhere and people don’t drive into danger.

As we all know, get enough rain anywhere and suddenly you have a problem. No word from Jeb, but his place is secure and undamaged. We have kept an eye on it.

Still plenty of rain and wind.

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My son is still driving too @hope. Its a funny thing because he seems to know when he can’t and when he can drive. I would say that 90% of the time, he doesn’t want to, and I am good with that. If I ever thought that he was driving when the voices were distracting, I would do what I had to but, luckily that is something I have not had to face. He makes such bad choices at times due to this illness, but not about that. Bizarre…but fortunate. Stay safe Hope! Have been glued to the news about this hurricane and thinking of you throughout! Keep us updated when you can.

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Hope, where are you on Texas? I pray that you all are safe!:purple_heart:

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Hope and everyone facing this storm. We have been praying for all of you. I hope you are able to stay safe. God bless you and keep you under His mighty wing of protection.

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Another thing our situations have in common - our sons drive. Mine is the same, he seems to know when he can’t and can. It is bizarre isn’t it? Jeb recognized an evacuation was needed and tried, glad he realized it wan’t possible. Thanks for the thoughts, we have been extremely fortunate. Still have power - a very welcome miracle. Jeb will have a hard time when we lose power. - We still see it as inevitable that a tree somewhere will end our electricity.

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