Sheltering in place


Jan and Mom2, the prayers are appreciated, so hoping that the hurricane fades out without doing more damage. We need to pray that everyone stays in place and doesn’t head out looking around in their vehicles. Matagorda county has been fortunate so far.


Everything still ok @hope?


So far, the rivers and creeks are still coming up. The forecast keeps changing from better to worse which is keeping us guessing. Last forecast showed Harvey was going a different way than projected - will probably (take a turn for the worse:) in an hour. I wish Jeb would respond to my texts, but its not unusual that he isn’t.
Thanks Leiann.


Can’t imagine what it’s like there! I’m really hoping Jeb contacts you just for your peace of mind! Stay safe. Check in when you can.


Oh thank goodness - we did hear from Jeb late last night - he texted the usual accusations of sexual abuse - only all of us could understand how welcome those texts were.

Did ask if he had enough food and if he was okay- he didn’t respond to those questions.

We are watching the flood waters rise, still have power. They say the river near us won’t crest until Tuesday.

Thinking of and praying for all the people in Houston and the families that have family members with mental illness.


So happy to hear that he contacted you!!! No matter what he was accusing you of :slight_smile: You’re right, only us family members would understand! Fingers and toes are all crossed hoping that storm moves on and weakens quickly!


How very true!!

Have never experienced a hurricane but I think they would freak out even the more “normal” of us were we to be in the path of the storm. Well me anyway!!

Hoping everyone makes it through safely.


Keeping you and your family in my prayers Hope! thanks for the updates!


Thanks so much - they have decided to flood out part of our county to release waters threatening dams upstream. We just lost power. Will try again to get Jeb to evacuate.


Stay safe! I’m watching the floods on tv. Terrible! I hope Jeb cooperates with the evacuation.


They say we shouldn’t be concerned with the planned releases where we are located.

The power being out has Jeb considering evacuation!


Hope - Praying for you and your family. Hope Jeb will consider evacuating. I pray that God will protect you, your family and your home during this storm. Will be watching the news to continue to get updates if you can’t update us yourself.


I’m glad your home seems safe Hope - I keep watching the news and hoping you’re located in a place that’s safe from the flood waters.


Yes, Hope, we are all thinking about you and yours.


The power came back on after about only 4 hours. Had Jeb convinced to go, but have not heard from him again since the power came back on.

Saw that the George R Brown convention center in Houston is packed with evacuees. This morning one article listed their highest priority needs and the first thing on the list was “mental health specialists”. You have to wonder if the need is for traumatized evacuees or evacuees with mental illness.

We have been extremely fortunate here, no flooding in our home at this point. I know that all of us are watching with heavy hearts and have the added worry about the families that are sheltering in place with family members with mental illness. I suspect their stories will go untold just like all of our lives go by without acknowledgement by general society. I hope those families know, somehow, that they are in our thoughts and prayers.


Yes, the George R Brown Convention Center is begging for mental health professionals to come help them with the mentally ill taking shelter among the 9,000 people there.


I can only imagine how many people may have had to evacuate without their meds - or who were stable until the stress of the situation became too much, besides the ones who were in active psychosis or just barely hanging on anyway.

I know for my son, even with his meds, just being around that many people would be a lot for him to handle.

I thought it was such a great thing that they finally started considering pets in evacuations like this.
If they don’t already have it, they should plan for the mentally ill too - in the same way they, hopefully, plan for the physically ill.


I can’t even begin to imagine what you and your family and whole community is going through but please know we’re all thinking and praying for all so deeply affected by such catastrophic rainfall in your state. Take gentle care and keep the updates coming if you can Hope!


Wow - its been crazy down here. We are a day ahead of Houston weather wise. Everyone is trying to make sure everyone has what they need. People are shuffling around generators, window unit air conditioners, meat that is still frozen to freezers that still have power and people who need a place to stay. People are returning to homes without power and everyone who has power is taking someone who doesn’t have power, into their homes for air conditioning, showers and meals.

And everyone feels lucky and worries about the people that are in the shelters and those still hoping to get to a shelter. And we grieve those we have lost, the Texans try so hard to not lose anyone in a crisis, they take each loss personally.

Jeb’s doctor came through with a refill for his favorite anti-anxiety and he was able to find a pharmacy open in a town about 20 miles away - btw - he never has refilled his anti-psychotic or his anti-depressant. Of course, right? Glad the doctor did the refill because Jeb was starting up yelling the abuse accusations today. Luckily the family we have taken in is aware of Jeb’s situation, and so far he has been quiet since they arrived. Really, really hoping he stays quiet, they need some sleep, they have been through a lot.

I have to say, of the the choices we have actually made so far, this one surprised me. Never had thought a decision like that would present itself. Made myself ask myself at one point, we aren’t committing suicide by hurricane are we? It is a way out and some days we all have days we want out. You all understand.

My answer was I had no plans on dying. Brought in ropes and harnesses if needed to be tied to the chimney on rooftop. A sheet to signal - the whole shebang.

I told myself that Jeb would be able to come through as he always does when things are “the police are thinking about shooting you” serious.

Didn’t have to find out.


Did you go so far as to sharpie your SSN on your arm?

I do like how civilized everyone appears to be there compared to the chaos that New Orleans went through with Katrina.
They showed the Houston convention center on TV as well as how families were taking other families in.

It was nice to see how caring everyone is, especially when there is so much hate in the news these days.