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Shopping today!

My fiance and I went shopping today. He bought mostly junk food. Canned goods, chocolate, cookies and chocolate He wanted to watch a movie and I knew already what was going to happen. The movie is one he picked and it’s been on for at least a half hour and he hasn’t stopped talking for 10 seconds yet! None of it makes any sense. My nerves are shot. I have all of the responsibilities on me while he lives in fantasy land. He looks like a homeless bum. Winter cap on indoors, long messy hair and a gross unkempt beard. He doesnt and hasn’t brushed his teeth in months. In the store today I was pushing the cart and we were going to check out. I saw a lane that was empty and he said no that he wanted to do self check out. He is getting worse because he would go in a line with a cashier before but usually certain ones. Ugh!