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Mood changes so darn fast i cant keep up!

Yesterday was a semi decent day exfept for later in the evening and on stop talking. Not even for 1 minute. My fiance and bbn i made tentative plans (because I learned through the years that nothing can be really planned). I tslked with him this morning around 1130 and we were supposed to get together around 1230. I called as he wanted me to and phones went right to voicemail. I stopped by and he didn’t even want to open the door. He blocked my phone again and the nasty side came out once again.
He just got through eating a lot of chocolate and Pepsi…smoking my cigarettes…talking nasty things about me and my family…now snorin gbn on thr couch. He always has to say nasty things before he goes to sleep. I was taught never go to bed angry.??? No concious. How can
one sleep after all of that? Its like he bnb has to make sure that i or anyone near him feels as bad as he does and makes sure of it. Ihave never locked him out or blocked his number even though I had good cause.
We were going to have a nice steak dinner with locally grown corn. Nope. Candy and pop.

Is this your boyfriend or your husband?

Fiancee. We never got married due to his and my medical issues and family matters. Right now he is in the laundry room carrying on a whole conversation with nobody. Making no sense… He hasn’t slept for a few days minus a few cat naps. I am going to need valium soon. [quote=“Katherine, post:2, topic:5906, full:true”]
Is this your boyfriend or your husband?

Just to add to my post… he wont eat in his apartment whats left of it and eats out alot. Freezer and refrigerator are almost completely empty. There were always so many choices now nothing. I cant bring anything because he sometimes wont let me in or near the kitchen. He keeps a pvc pipe wedged between the door and the wall even if we are both there. He told me tonite that is because im poisoning him and putting things in his ears and eyes if he falls asleep. He also told me i am a serpent and not a child of God and that he could hurt me really bad ir worse in a few minutes. I left in a hurry. This os definitely not getting any better. Before this happened he stopped by my house and helped himself to my cigs cleaning supplies and vacuum for his car. I was shocked. I never know what he is going to do next. Earlier today he was talking about trading in his car for a trailer on wheels and move to the west coast for the winter and cone back in the spring. He gets lost going to places we have been to many many times over. Totally disorganized and not sleeping or barely esting. Just chicken fingetd and hard boiled eggs. Yuk!

I try to distsnce myself but when i do all i can do is worry since there isn’t anyone else who will get involved. So thebrunt of all of the turmoil is on me as many of you are more than likely in my shoes.

He used to be so kind…considerate…
Calm…loving… sweet… patient etc…now i really dont know who he is from one minute to the next. I really miss smiling and laughing or just even talking about anything at all. :broken_heart::disappointed_relieved:

I understand and I’m so sorry you are going through this. He is lucky to have you take care of him. Maybe you can ask his family to help out. And give you a break.

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I slept at his apartment on Saturday night. I didn’t even plan on it. I slept in all of my clothes. He woke me up at 7 something am and said that’s enough. You need to go. So i left.
Tonight i finally made a steak dinner. I know how much he loves steak and we dont have it very often. Nope. He usually goes to thr grocery store and buys something already prepared. Heats it up in the stores microwave and eats it then pays for it after he is all done eating. I have never seen such bizarre behavior. It is so upsetting. He is so thin and usually just eats protein and or sugars. Yesterday he put his car on craigslist. The one that he begged mento help him get. I looked at the website and i was shocked. He had his description of his car with a picture of my car. Someone called and wanted to see it. He couldnt remember his street name yet alone spell it. He was verbally tripping over his words. I wish i knew how much longer this can continue. I am afarid to leave him alone but o cant get anyone to help. I tried even begged. He is sitting on the couch having a whole conversation with himself again. I need to scream really bad.

If you are not married to him you can get out of the relationship and have a better life. Is that something you could do?

Has your friend had any recent hospitalizations? Has he been diagnosed and prescribed meds? I think he needs hospitalization and treatment.

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I was going to say the same, he needs to be hospitalized , doesn’t sound like he’s on Meds.
If you are not married, get out of the relationship. My son lives with me and he has major issues, I can’t leave him, if he was any one else but my son I would run like the wind. It’s a hard life, sorry to be so negative but it’s been a rough day.

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Thats a difficult one. He has always been there for me in the nit so distant past. I know he is sick but at the same time he made the decision to stop talkng meds. It ceeeps up slowly and then bam…full blown. So i dont think i could leave even though my heart is broken.

He was hospitalized in June on my Birthday and 11 months July 2017. First time 36 hours and in June 72 hours. They wanted to keep him in for 2 weeks but he refused treatment. He is a total different person when he is on meds. He was diagnosed before i met him. I was 19 and I though I knew everything. NOT. I have been seeing early signs of memory loss. Things that he has known for years. Like his street name and how to spell it. He is trying to sell his car that i helped him get on craigslist. I looked it up and there was a pic of my car with the description of his car. OMG…he used to actually build a computer. Constantly touching his cell phone but very rarely has it on for phone calls or blocking my number.

Sorry that you had a rough day. For me thr good days are very infrequent. I was hoping…probably wishful thinking…that if he got some good sleep that he might settle down. Nope. Its past that now. I just dont know what is around the corner. I wish that i could get his family involved and have some kind of meeting where he would be out numbered. His one sister used to be able to get through to him but sadly she passed away last year.

As hard as it is for some to comply the meds is the chance we need for a life and they take so long to work and of course not every med works for every person . This is such a difficult thing to endure people. Most people cannot handle it for 8 hrs with a paycheck waiting at the end so don’t feel bad for being at a lost . You do what u can for as long as u can but you don’t forget about YOU numero UNO take care of you the best u know how

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