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Sister’s eating disorder becoming extreme

I saw my mum the other day, on the basis that I am her only support
My sister with enduring psychosis for 7 years lives with her, mum is 76

She has no friends to confide with, doesn’t talk to me that much either
When I approached her flat, from a couple of meters outside the flat, the hallway smelled of vomit
Binge purge water fast binge purge repeat.
Having given up drink and tobacco she has turned back to her eating disorder

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Oh! Sorry!
Did you end up going in?

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I’m so sorry too. It is hard to watch family go through hard times. How are you feeling?

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Yes, it was just bearable

Not terrible but not great…
So difficult she has no wish to live

Hi there. I haven’t checked in myself in awhile but I remember you and I’d honestly like to say that I strongly feel it’s a dangerous situation (and not just given Covid-19, which is a very, very real thing as well, especially often given our loved ones’ physical health…) that bulimia can become a very dangerous thing very quickly.
Please seek medical attention for your loved one. Call an ambulance. Something.
And PLEASE remember also to keep yourself safe!
There’s no way to be any kind of supportive if you are not here too…
Good luck and best thoughts.


She does not want help
I have called an ambulance multiple times, and police, and gp and psychiatric services all to come to her address
She does not engage other than to say that she does not want help
Refuses every outside source of help and abuses her family - alll the time for 7 years
She will not accept help, lives in a darkened flat with my 77 year old mum and has been in psychosis for 7 years. The services can’t help.
We have had police say to us that her suicidal state is not something they would help with because she has the right to kill herself it is not a crime.
An ambulance came when she was unresponsive through alcohol and wS given an injection some kind words and left as is.
I have informed police that she needed emergency intervention for self harm and suicidal thoughts and psychosis and I was asked if she might have a knife and I said yes, she self injures, so they sent 5 police in riot gear

Sorry I think i replied with the wrong button x

You didn’t. I’m sorry I took so long to respond…
Generally, in my experience and to my knowledge, an ambulance can’t take somebody against their will. Legally, it’s kidnapping… (I know, right?)
However, if there’s any other way to get her to an ER, they may be able to get her into a psych hold based on the eating disorder… my heart is with you.

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To all: These times just suck. As if it weren’t hard enough to get our loved ones the care that we can’t give them and us needing the proper support…
But please remember that our first responders are all out there every day, still, doing their best with only what they are given today. Look them in the eye. There is a person in that uniform. Try our best to talk to them… and sometimes, thank them.

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Good grief!! That’s incredible. I had a similar incident with mY Son today. It’s never happened before but, they actually just let him go today even though he was actively psychotic and smell awful. I’m stunned that someone who is mentally ill cannot get any care. You can go to the same place and they’re treated differently each time. I’m so sorry. This kind of stuff just keeps me angry, all the time.

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Thank you for your post.
I’m so so sorry about your son being released while he’s unwell. I can’t believe it either.
Unfortunately it can sometimes be life saving, but most of the time completely ineffective trying to get the services to help
When I was on the same ward as my late sister I was under the same psychiatrist and mum was concerned enough to bring in my sisters ashes to show how much she wanted to be heard and that it would be bad for them not to help me
You’re right
Different time different treatment

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Hi Three! I agree with Wisdom and Bridgecomet. It sounds like you have tried several times to get your sister help and have found great resistance. I would encourage you to not give up. I have been a caretaker to my mom for over 20 years and a guardian for 18 and it is extremely hard to get her into a hospital when she’s psychotic but it can be done. Eventually they get so bad that they need intervention and your mum who’s up there in age will not be able to keep up with her care. Keep at it. Ask questions. Make documentation on your computer. Ask for help. If you have a faith, pray for your sister that she can get the medical care she needs. Never stop having faith that she will get help. We are here to help you through this.


Thank you for your post.
It means a lot.
I’m very much verging on hopeless, but your point about my mum getting less able to care gives me some energy back.

I know that there is a point where it is so bad that hospital is the only way, I think we have been past that point many times on and off
With Extreme self injury, substance abuse, nearly daily rages for years with alcoholism, suicidal thoughts and plans, getting lost on boggy moorland etc
All schizophrenia sufferers seem to be able to put on a good show until they can’t to doctors
Maybe it can get worse… thinking of all I have seen in our middle sister and my own illnesses, yes there is room for more.

Your words that my mum will not be able to care forever has really hit me,

Mum was hit by a car 2 years ago and her foot almost came off, she has screws and plates, but also a small energetic dog…so she is always out in the park for hours.

Mum has asked for help with heavy things… getting things into the house…
She has recently lost weight, living in a flat with my extremely bulimic sister, and says the loss in weight is good for her foot.
She was then mistreated by 2 nurses and injured her ribs in a fall, then became immobile again and had the whole dvt and pulmonary embolism thing

She doesn’t always register if I speak to her, I think hearing less lately
She drives with one operated on eye and one with cataract still present.
She has smoked moderately all her life.

I was her only support… or other than me, before the virus there was a group of peers playing cards.none of these people were close or just as needy
I moved with my husband’s work to an hour away a year ago
Starting to think I should not have left her

Withdrawal from nicotine is uncomfortable. It is quite normal that your sister wanted to replace the action of smoking with a substitute. She sould have moved more, drank more water and added more healthy foods to her nutrition. Now, you should create a special diet for her (only with a specialists) and find a therapist or AA groups so that she’ll get physical support.

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Sorry I must not have been clear above.
She has been in psychosis for 7 years
Refuses help
From any source
Does not know she’s unwell
Drinks like a fish in late stage alcoholism and screams for hours every time at mum or me these are all her social contacts
Lives with 77 year old mum whom she has been abusing for 7 years
Self injures to Exremes
She’s on probation for harassment
Has the kind of eating problems that have her water fasting for a week and eating 30£ worth of food every night and purge it all so much that the hallway stinks outside the flat
She confabulates stories and memories change every time she tells it
Hears voices
Can clean the flat once a year, cook a meal which might be inededible
Does not do the shopping
Mixes words
Has post traumatic stress since childhood
Has been gang raped several times
Was abused by our father
Suicidal tendencies acute and long term with plans
This list really does not have a logical end point
She sustains belief in a systemically religious and pedophilic society covering links that she makes up on the spot through word play

Absolutely no way this would work
Sorry, please see my other post