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Slightly worried about son's short term memory

Hi folk’s just a brief update. We are in contract for a house in a quieter neighborhood (hallelujah!) Barring any complications we should close before the end of the month.

I’ve noticed recently my son has a sharp loss of short term memory. We’ll discuss something in the morning and 5 or 6 hours later he will bring that very same topic up as if it is the very first time discussing it. I will remind him we discussed it and resolved it in the morning and he will look perplexed and say “really?” oh okay.

I am definitely bringing this up with his doctors at the next appointment. I wanted to think maybe it was just a lack of focus or attention which kind of runs in the family but this is seemingly much more noticeable and more often. Not sure what to make of it. Will update again after I talk to his doctors. It might be a side effect of the stress we’ve been under with where we live and the process of finding a house etc…it’s been kind of a roller coaster ride. Otherwise I am happy to be exiting the renting game and securing a private place for me and my son to call home. More later.

@Catherine - my son has the same problem but the time lapse is much shorter than a few hours. I feel certain that the meds have something to do with but without the meds, he is uncontrollable. :palm_tree:

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I am thinking that the meds are to blame as well. Not much I can think of to remedy it the meds are not going away. I thought about doing some brain games with him like the ones offered on Luminosity.

I was thinking about trying something called Forebrain but I have to check first if there could be any interaction between that and his meds.

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let me know what you find out :slight_smile:

Will do! I have a friend who is a pharmacist and I usually go to him first - so, will keep you posted.

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