So many meds! I can't keep up

So, my son is currently with ANOTHER treatment center. Actually, he is finishing up the program and living at home. He is now taking 13 different meds! I have to say that his mood seems more stable, but 13 meds! They are so expensive. There is no way that he can keep track of his dosage schedule, I have a tough time with it! I don’t know if we can continue to afford all of this. He takes a handful of these pills in the morning, 6 mid day and another handful at night! There has got to be a way to make this more streamlined. Anyone else have this situation?

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Oh hell yes. It’s a nightmare when we are the caregivers of patients who most often refuse to believe they are seek AND don’t have the independent-living skills to properly medicate themselves - and that’s only if they agree to take meds. Well and truly sucks.

So we fill pill boxes each week. Huge boxes. Marked clearly. And sometimes he takes the right days/times if we’re lucky.

No answers. Try the injections which mitigate non compliance on oral. And stay on them. No easy day.

Please be careful poly drugging is very dangerous and can lead to akathisia and tardive dyskenisia. Taper very slowly and explain to drs you want to have him on as little as possible for stability