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Some of the ways caregivers may cope repost

couple years ago here, i would post shit here then delete it too, but to answer your question for me anyway, dont do pills or docs, hate most of them, distractions are required to survive, hobbies, hard work, promiscuous bi sex, time alone, work out, smoke 2 packs a day, love to smoke, roll often with high end tobaccos, travel the country with my girl friend looking for ghost, have all the ghost gear, stay at cool old places, good food, get out and just drive or walk, my most favorite is building remote control cars trucks boats, build and ride high performance motorcycles, I have a large indoor shop for electronics, large out door shop for automotive, second home in town to maintain, push mow three acres, grow strange hybrid bamboo, love black bamboo, purchased and modifying a new f150 truck, building a new Kawasaki super bike, buying shit from china just to see how long it takes to get here lol, trolling social media, developing hacking skills, developing android apps, flying drones, building and shooting guns, producing porn, always looking for more ways to make money, spending money, photography, high end digital camera technology, developing web based streaming tools, open source code for various apps, RF repeaters, and wireless data links, data rate optimization for stream, wireless security, ease dropping and counter surveillance,

It is a fact that SZ is contagious, after 25 years of dealing with this shit, you start to loose your own sense of reality, you loose your inherent capacity of empathy, you migrate to the realm of a true psychopath, I am truly insane…

Wow, you have a wild range of hobbies! Makes me think of a Hunter S. Thompson book :slight_smile:

Hunting for ghosts sounds like a great distraction. Are you able to leave your wife on her own for a weekend or do you have someone stay there?

yes, the key is constant video surveillance, daughter on stand by plus others to intervene if required. Plenty of the best food and a case of cigs, and she is fine in her own world, she has MANY friends and foes that keep her busy that simply do not exist. I can do two weeks away with no problems. She no longer calls the cops all the time, last time she did she was arrested and served time for attempted murder of the poor two cops that showed up. pretty funny as the cops explained what happened, I did not even leave work and the trial was cool, full blown bench trial in the basement of the hospital. She served 3 months and they let her go because there was no med that would help and it cost the county a butt load of money to maintain her… LOL… they came to the door, she eased out the back door and attacked them from behind, tried to kill them with her bare hands, they hog tided her in the front yard… LOL… I shit you not…

You could write a book!

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@GSSP, yes I tend to agree, which is why I deleted my post. Pills can’t cure anyone, possibly manage temporarily, and if lucky, possibly manage long term, hopefully without side affects. I hate doctors and pills too. Just the way I am.

Hard work has worked for me too. I work long hours, it somehow gives me a sense of peace. And I also like making/having money.

With my son though, I’m @ the doctor”s and med”s mercy. If taking pills mean keeping him out of prison, prevent him from being homeless, hurting himself or others, and somewhat “functioning”, I guess I have my answer, although always reluctant to see him being on it, and wondering, my god, is this for the rest of his life?

You sure do have a wide range of hobbies. Good for you. You sound very old school, managing your life by keeping busy. Someone mentioned a book club, and a travel club. I may look into it. But the traveling for days at a time, I don’t think I could do. Day trips or maybe 1 or 2 nights away from my son. I get anxious by being @ work even just for the day, I can’t imagine a week away from him. I would not only worry, but I would miss him too much, although he may not miss me. Lol

I also believe sz can be contagious. I sometimes feel like I have sz, minus the voices, delusions, and paranoia. Well, maybe alittle paranoia. I isolate and have zero desire to socialize like I used to. I used to hang out with a ton of people and do many things. Depression for sure. Our lives change, contagious for sure. Someone mentioned it brings many down with it, so true.

Glad to hear you have found a way to make it work for you. Whatever it takes to stay afloat… without meds. It appears you have been thru hell and back, between your wife and daughter, and STILL maintain a sense of humor!


You’all have your own perspectives. I’ll just say that most people who are diabetic take insulin and most people with cancer get chemo or radiation. The alternative is to suffer or die.