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Something amazing happened

Friends, members of the group, I wanted to tell you something amazing.

On Sunday it was my granddaughter’s christening.

Not that there is anything so fantastic or special about that in the grand scheme of things.

I’m sure many of you will have been to similar family celebrations in recent times.

However, there was one thing amazing to me about this event and it’s something I want to tell you all about as it has a real underlying message of hope for all families, and those who care for loved ones with Sz.

My son, as many of you will know has had severe and enduring Sz for many years and has suffered severely both mentally and physically with this for almost a third of his life.

On Sunday, he stood before the guests in the Church and read …unaided, without error, without fear, without any visible distraction, …an amazingly beautiful poem that he’d written for my granddaughter and her mother (his sister).

Only 1 or 2 years back, I would never dream this might be possible.

It was beautiful, it was fantastic, I smiled and I held back the tears.

There is hope.


I’m really glad you got to enjoy it.

I think we can sometimes forget that there is a human being, just as intelligent and capable as anyone, beneath all the confusion and turmoil.

Glad you got another cherished memory to experience. There will be more to come!


Phil, thanks so much for sharing this amazing moment - moments like that keep all of us hopeful.

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Wow! So glad to hear this story!

Thank you Diane, good to know :blush:

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Thank you hope …like so many of us, I’ve had a lot of dark days, so it’s great to share something so positive :blush:

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I do hope so wreklus :blush:

My heart rejoices for you!

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@Phil That is amazing! Thank you for sharing.

Thank you @banana1, I rejoice in the small steps to recovery :blush:

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Thank you for the kind words @swillis

Yes, there is hope. Really, truely beautiful. I pray for many more moments for many more families. Thanks for sharing!

@pixelcat thank you… i so want all families to experience such moments

That is awesome! Congratulations all around.

@oldbobrobert thank you for your kind words :blush:

We all hope for days like this! Enjoy the wonderful moments our Sz family members is capable of!

That is amazing and so wonderful, so happy for all of you that got to enjoy and experience that very special moment.
I never give up hope but sure is challenging most of the time.
My young man is deep in his delusions and paranoia, I spent little bit of time with him yesterday and as I watched him walk into the store mumbling and watching every little thing; I had a little shout out in my car: WHY WHY WHY do people have to be afflicted with this crap and live like this, I am just so mad at times as it is so unfair. My young man who lived in many many foster homes, group homes, 2x adopted, abused physically and emotionally and now dealing with this. I met him when he was 21 and we connected as I was his worker in a transitional housing for former youth program and in serious trouble with law, incarcerated/prison for short time. I unofficially adopted him as I have mentioned in previous posts, he excelled for several years and now DEEP in his mental illness. I have no idea what triggered him but it is severe. My heart aches for him and all like him that have to endure this and the families / friends who hang in there helping and hoping. So very difficult.
So nice to hear positive things, thank you so much for posting for all of us to see. :slight_smile:

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Wonderful experience and message of hope. Thank you

Wow, wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

Your story tonight made me cry, good happy tears.

I cried for your son’s creativity and kindness and bravery, and for yours too: as you helped him all these years to come to this moment.

That is so very cool! What a great story!