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To carers of the sz

i see a lot of you struggling to cope with the pain this mental illness causes, seeing your loved ones hurting is heart breaking for you.
i see this in mrs. sith eyes when i am struggling…
but with out carers, family, we as sz would not be here, we would be in a mental asylum, on the streets…etc…or worse.
so this is my heart felt ’ hug ’ and thanks to all of you, you are amazing in my eyes.
take care

Very well said! You seem like such a caring person. I always enjoy your humor! Hope all is well with you. :sunny:

@darksith, :blush: Thank you for that lovely show of support.

There are days I’m sure I’ll need that hug you just sent.

Thank you @darksith. Sometimes we do need a hug and a show of support. You are all worth it!

Honestly, it’s painful to see someone you love suffering, and can be very, very frightening. But for me it’s frightening because I don’t want to lose my son. My darkest moments have been when I thought he might hurt himself or when he had delusions and put himself in vulnerable situations (sleeping on the street) so I feared for him and I feared losing him. That was real terror. But what that showed me was how much I love him. So it’s all worth it. He’s worth it. I am thankful for him. I am sure your wife feels the same.

There’s no such thing as a life without pain. If it weren’t this, it would be something else.

Caring parents and a supportive family help a lot. Also, being tolerant is a virtue with schizophrenia.

And forgiveness and overlooking wrongs helps the schizophrenic bounce back from his illness and suffering. Because this illness can cause a lot of stress and conflict within the family, but when a schizophrenic knows hes forgiven he can come back to his old self in no time.

Thank you Dark Sith and ((hugs)) back:)

Darksith–thank you for something you told me before.
I WILL take that hug! :blush:
Much love to you!

that is a good point about being forgiven, mrs. sith forgives me ’ often ’ and that is how i recover more quickly from an episode.
take care