Small steps


Just wanted to update you all on the progress of my son.3 years ago he was saying he worked for Satan and walked around the house with a large knife for protection from the Mexican mob, I had to look under my car everyday for him to see if they had put a bomb in it,8 hospital stays later and failed medications and his lack of taking them and being in denial, Is a light a bright light.I see a smile and his humor returning ,his hygiene has improved not perfect but so much better. Now I am not saying he is well but as I look how far he has come it amazes me how he made it back and I still have my mind…So yesterday I had to let my sweet kitty go on to heaven as I cried and buried her, my son said something that showed emotion…what a small word that means so much. Mom She knew we loved her for 18 years and she was tired ,I know you are sad I am too and he had a tear.

So today he is keeping my dog and my bf dog so we could get away, This was his idea he said mom I know and can see my illness has taken its toll on you, You need a break ,I will be fine…This make my Easter very special as today is the 6 year that my husband death and I have been so down and to loose my dear litty just sent me in too a much needed crying.So today he is taking care of 2 crazy dogs and cooking for his self,My goal is to get him in some therapy…Have a blessed Easter,HUgs to you all


Good news! yah :smile: Hope you and your bf have a good day together.


That is good news. I know it makes your heart happy :smile: :heart_decoration:


Thank you for posting the good news.