Son coming home after 6 mo in residential facility


@Meileigh So glad to hear it went well! My son got home in June after 6 weeks away (hospital etc). He’s working and getting his monthly shots. He still doesn’t like to hang out with me so I just let him stay in his room as he wants. Mostly he’s sleeping because he works many nights and about 60 hours a week. We went from one extreme of isolating to working as much as he can. Is it just you two? I think it is. It’s just me and my son in a small 2 bedroom condo. It seems to work ok for now. He is saving to move out. I have some worries for sure but for now we are staying the course.


I pray that things will work out well for you both. SZ takes away the person you once knew. My wife and I have watched it happen to our daughter who is now 35. After almost 10 years she has not had much success with getting better. My thoughts and prayers are with you, and your son.


If you’re in Atlanta, definitely visit the Botanical Garden. I went earlier today and it was a really great time. Plus, those displaced by the hurricane get a discount on admission ($15 max for all day parking + $11.95 entrance fee). Money well spent!


It is just the two of us in a 2 bedroom apartment. It has been over a year since he has lived with me so we have some adjustments to make but so far it’s going well.


Son comes first, but don’t miss the NAMI F2F class! I encourage you to find a way to make that doable! Glad he is home!