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Son returning to our home


My 42 year old Schizophrenic son called us at 3 am to announce that he can no longer live in his own home because of people entering it and “molesting” him while he sleeps.

He is welcome in my home if he needs to feel safe.

It was such a relief to us when he moved out 5 months ago, ie our stress level greatly diminished.

Now we need to care for him again, and we are worried how the stress will affect us.

We are going to a group meeting tommorrow nite where we can talk to others who have family members with mental problems.

For those that do, PLS pray for his recovery.

I will try to keep you posted when I am able to do so.

Thanks to all who share in this forum.


I have total empathy for your situation.

My 44-1/2-year-old son, who now is in the State Psychiatric Hospital

for the 3rd ?? time, has been in and out of my home numerous times.

I am so sorry to report that because of violent behavior

toward his family, friends and community members,

he is no longer allowed in my home. EVER.

Paranoid Schizophrenia is the most frustrating and horrible disease.

My prayers are with you.

Set firm boundaries and don’t sacrifice your well-being out of guilt, fear, depression.

Vermont Woman


Thank you for your prayers and reply VermontWoman1

“Set firm boundaries and don’t sacrifice your well-being out of guilt, fear, depression.”

His relationship is ONLY with his mother, she has a hard time understanding what boundaries are appropriate and she WILL NOT listen to my counsel for fear of losing her influence over him. She is consummed with guilt and afraid.


How are you doing this month?

My son, after 9 mos. in the Vermont State Hospital

really sounds great/balanced, not swearing every 3 seconds.

I’ve got my fingers crossed and a prayer wheel surrounding him.

We’ve been down the “recovery” road several times.

He ends up crashing after 6 mos. out in the world again.

Look forward to hearing from you All.

Vermont Woman


I wish I could just put this answer on one forum and let everyone see it. My son has had SZ for the last 13 years, He tried to commit suicide on 6 Dec last year -despite religiously taking all the meds he just couldn’t stand his life anymore. On about 13 Dec I found the answer in a book called Niacin the real story. He has been 3 weeks on niacin and vit c - was discharged by the astounded doctors 2 days ago and is no longer hearing voices - a new man with a second change at life. Get the book and read it !


Helllo, your story prompted me to purchase the book about Niacin. Did your doctors work with you on this or did you and your son begin this?


Hi my son was in the hospital trying to recover from an overdose of clozapine when I found this book.Quite frankly I was on the attack because I was more or less sure that the meds were making him worse not better, and in the sense of bad side effects I was correct. I wanted all APs stopped and him given the chance to be in a controlled environment where we could see if diet worked on its own. The truth is although this is often the approach of private clinics the public system does not have the staff and resources to do this. The psychiatrist was sympathetic mostly I suspect because I was ready to sue them if my son was harmed by the drugs again and they had been put on notice (I’m a lawyer by training) Anyway in answer to your question when I came up with the niacin he agreed that Ken could have 500mg per day, along with the other meds they were giving him. When he was home on leave over Christmas I made sure he got the full dose of 3g per day as well as 3g of vit C. The improvement was dramatic so when he went back for a few days after New Year I made sure he took the extra dosage with him. He has been discharged into community care (that’s at home to me) now and continues to do well. He is still on a lower dose of clozapine but I am hopeful that he will be well enough to start the weaning off that in another couple of months. So yes the doctor was involved at the beginning but I make sure he has the daily dosage now. We still get 500 mg of niacin on prescription but it is non flush that I would not recommend as I believe it can build up in the liver over time