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Son in VA hospital

Hi, I have a schizophrenic son. He’s 37 and became ill when he was 21 while in the Navy. We’ve been able to get his pension, social security and Medicare by fighting for it. If anyone wants advice or just an ear to listen, I m here. Glad to find a group like this. Worst disorder ever for anyone’s kid.


Hi there,
Our daughter was also in the Navy. She is 34 and currently in a VA Psychiatric Hospital. She has been hospitalized multiple times and I’m afraid this hospitalization brought her to a point of losing her apartment because the police had to come out 3 times to do a welfare check. When she gets out, she will be homeless as she has exhausted her dad and me to a point that she can never live with us again. She refuses to take medication and will not cooperate and quite frankly isn’t safe for us to be around. It breaks our hearts and we feel so helpless. We have tried everything we know how to do to help her over the last 10 years and nothing has worked. We learned the hard way that because we allowed her to live with us, the police could not force her to leave our home (short of a court order) and she would not leave. It took selling our house and moving to try to start our lives over again. She has tried 2 serious suicide attempts and we almost lost her… in a coma, but finally pulled through. She has at times become violent towards us and once to a neighbor. It’s all very frightening and I honestly have wondered sometimes if she just manipulates us. I could go on and on, but I’m determined not to allow her to consume the next ten years of our marriage. She very nearly ripped us apart. I will never let that happen again.
Thankfully she has money coming in like your son, so though she may be homeless soon, she will not be without food/water etc. and we will continue to pay her cell phone bill.
We don’t know what else to do.

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Hi there,
I’m so sorry about your daughter. It is so hard to see your schitzophrenic child go through this journey. We put my son in a board and care when he was 28. He’s been through many hospitalizations, room and boards, a couple of apartments, board and cares and jail for assault. The first board and care saved our marriage, as he was becoming violent towards us.
The VA has finally put him in County care. You don’t have to be homeless, just a county resident. We live in Sacramento County in California. The company is called Telecare SOAR and does business in other places with the government. I haven’t been impressed with the care, but my son is 37 and difficult about taking his meds and controlling his behavior now. His options have become limited and he is edging towards being conserved.
Involve the VA. They have homeless outreach, social workers and other resources, but you have to be persistent and outright vocal with them. She deserves their time for all her service.
I hope this helps. If you need an ear, just write. I know how heartbreaking this is.

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I am sorry to see so many affected decorated people here but grateful to run into people who have a similar experience. My fiancé is getting separated from the AF because of his illness.

Thank you ever so much. We are looking into it here in Texas. I’m grateful for you and I’m sorry you’re dealing with the same. It’s so difficult. Much love to you and yours.