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Daughter has psycho-affective disorder and we (Dad/Me) are out of answers… help

This is my first post:
After 10 exhausting years, 2 serious suicide attempts, violence with us… fearing for our own lives… we are finally at a dead end short of homelessness for our daughter. She is a veteran and 34 years old. She is currently in the hospital again through the VA (thank God for these people). Over the years she has received so much help financially and emotionally and help has been offered, yet she refuses to take her meds or take care of herself. She is on disability so at least she has a monthly income. However, the apartment complex where she currently has a lease, is forcing her out due to police involvement 3 times in the last three weeks. I don’t know how long she will be hospitalized (talking to herself, talking to Jesus, talking to the voice that tells her to do bad things, full of fear and paralyzed to her bed, not clean, crying and screaming).
I’m scared for her because I don’t know where she will go or how she will survive and she cannot ever live with us again (We will not live being afraid for our own lives ever again… she can be violent, threatening and she is very strong.) I tried calling her at the hospital but she did not want to talk to me.
Her dad and I have medical power of attorney so this does give us the right to speak openly to her doctors and case workers. However, this does absolutely no good if she will not do what is suggested.
I did look into the housing type options through the VA and will place a call on Monday. However, from what I’ve read, their housing assistance doesn’t involve those with mental illness.
It’s all so frustrating and heart breaking. We don’t know where to go from here.
Your support is greatly appreciated. I’m thankful to have found this forum today.
I have read many posts and relate to most all of them so far.

Hi, I am not in the US but am wondering if psychiatric nursing facility is an option there. I have a brother who is SZ and nearly killed my father. He was unable to live on his own and eventually I got him to a nursing home. It is probably the best outcome for him though he would have preferred to be on his own.

Thank you Chong. I’m not sure of the answer to that, but appreciate your suggestion.

Hi @Elizabeth222 , Welcome to the forum, I’m sorry, you’ve had some bad years going on in your life.

Have you had a chance to learn about the symptom “anosognosia”? Your daughter’s “refusal” to take meds could be caused by this terrible symptom. My son has it and its a tricky symptom to manage. If you enter Dr Amador, LEAP, or the name of his book “I’m Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help” into the search section, you will find many threads regarding anosognosia.

Did your phone call yesterday result in any sort of positive news for VA housing? Are there VA nursing homes? Take care, hope