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Son wont have anything to do with me or stepdad

My son had a relapse but after a month in hospital has been discharged to halfway house but now he has withdrawn permission for any info to be shared with me and has cut off all contact with me and stepdad.Dont know what to do?Please could I have some advice?

My son would not sign and ROI while in hospital. The doctor got him to sign one for 1 week only. Perhaps that would work for your son. My son didn’t want to see me or his dad while in the hospital (or transition home). BUT he is very attached to his stuff. So everyday, every visit, I brought him a piece of clothing or books that were his. He would let me in to give those to him. But that was it. Often I would just hang out a bit and sometimes I could get some interaction with him. Other times I just talked to the staff/clients and found out other things that was going on for him. Maybe try that. Even if it’s just a hand off. Sometimes my son would tell them to tell me to just leave the pants or whatever. I was like nope. He has to take them directly from me and that worked. I also brought him food. In the transition home they have to eat whatever you bring them in the kitchen and they don’t store it so it’s up for any one to eat. I hope you get some interaction.

Not having contact has to be very hard. I have lived through that for most of 3 months last year. Does your son have a cell phone on your plan? My thought is that if he continues to remain distant after the halfway house, and if you are willing to pay for his Plan, you would at least be able to follow his phone activity to have an idea where he is. Or if he eventually asks you for money, you can give him a debit card (in your name) with a small amount of money on it and track his expenses. My hope is that his ideas about this will change, especially if he is getting help at a halfway house. I’ve learned that things keep changing and I can’t predict what will happen tomorrow.

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Sigh. I know how it feels, my daughter did the same the last two times she was hospitalized. She is an adult, so I couldn’t force contact. I did write letters (suggested by a staff member) which she read (per the staff member). Hopefully you can find a sympathetic staff member who will listen and relay info to you even if in general, non specific terms (yet still referring to your son) so that they aren’t violating privacy laws. Good luck.

How old is your son?