Son's newly diagnosed


I have identical twins that were diagnosed with schizophrenia just before they turned 20 in Nov 2013. We are at a loss as what to do to get financial assistance for them. Both my husband (pancreatic cancer) and I (Arnold Chiari) are on Disability and can’t afford to keep paying for therapy and meds for both of them. The therapist says they are not able to work. We live in a small town in Utah and really could use some advice.


Hi Brenda,

Very sorry to hear about your situation. Some good news is that many of the medications are now going generic and are very cheap now - so talk with the doctor about this to lower your costs.

Also - perhaps sign up your children for health insurance via - it should be quite cheap since your twins are young.

Also - talk with about other support programs in your area.

I hope this helps,


I’m in Canada but I think the same offices that cover your disability and perhaps medications would be the same ones to cover for your twins.


therapy is not a must choice for treating SZ people, although effective but not so much, meds are important in curing this disease and as SZ Admin said probably cheap`in USA, i live in iran and here meds are cheap so if possible( which i dont think so) i can send you some. dont be worry, god will help you and after medicating your sons they can work and pay for medication and therapy, be here and you will get support and ideas for curing your sons.


If the doctor considers your sons completely disabled, they should qualify for SSI, Medicaid, and food stamps.