Spouse won't sign tax return, or file her own tax return

I think my wife has “paranoid schizophrenia”. She won’t sign the Tax Return prepared by the CPA who has done our tax returns for 20 years, because she fears an audit. I’ve been through about 10 audits, and never owed a dime. She also has failed to create and file her own tax return. So I’m in a dilemma. We are required by law to file joint or separate tax returns, but she won’t do either, and she won’t talk about it.

She is super-intelligent, and I’m making over $1 Million this year, so its just crazy that she won’t sign any tax returns, and there will be fines or fees for non-filing.

Is there a procedure for filing a tax return with a non-compliant (maybe mentally incompetent) spouse? And, should I try to substitute our kids as our inheritors, and keep her from controlling $Millions that I made?

Do replies get emailed to me? Or do I have to check back here? paulmason@MgWater.com

I don’t have answers/comments on any of your tax questions. But why do you think she is paranoid schizophrenic? I would be wary of being audited too if you’ve been audited 10 times already. Idk maybe they just audit ppl who make that kind of money, no experience there lol.

They’ll audit those who make a lot on a more regular basis.
My question would be what other signs has she shown that make you think she’s paranoid SZ? Just a fear of an audit wouldn’t make someone schiz. are there any other symptoms?

This link may help with the income tax issue:

There are other disorders that may be causing the paranoia. It’s up to you to decided if you feel that she is competent to deal with the monies.

I just keep coming back to this one again and again… I’m trying not think the worst, but I do get paranoid myself and when I see a post like this…

I have tried for many hours not to post. Because I KNOW it’s not pretty. But my lack of filter is taking over and I can resist no more… very sorry, but for a paranoid person like me… AS some one who has been professionally diagnosed and battled this illness for 13+ years… this post scares me.


No question of “how do I lovingly help my suffering wife?” or “how do I know she’s Sz and not bipolar or having an Anxiety disorder, or suffering depression or any other condition that can cause long term anxiety and panic?” There are other things that cause distrust and anxiety.

Why go right to “paranoid SZ” (top of the charts in mental illness) and “mentally incompetent…” Wow, as someone who is battling this illness in a big way, even I’m not seen as mentally incompetent, worthy of being hospitalized against my will. That is a very serious and huge thing to say given the one small incident you mention.

I’m sorry to offend, but I’m getting Alfred Hitchcock shivers. I’m sure I’m very wrong and I hope your wife gets the help she needs in a loving and supportive way.

Paul, I checked out your website. That sort of thing is exactly what you should post about here, because vitamin and mineral deficiencies have been linked to causing at least some schizophrenic problems. Several people have found their symptoms lessen when they start rectifying those deficiencies.
Also, toxins in food and water can lead to health problems, both physical and mental.

You state right on your site
"Some of the conditions magnesium may be useful in treating or preventing are:…psychiatric disorders.
Electrolytes and Mental Illness by Alec Coppen, M.D. D.P.M. and Discussion of Dr. Coppen’s Paper by Jack Durrell, M.D.
Why are Kids Killing Kids? The Nutrition-Mind Connection
Magnesium Deficiency and Violence
Magnesium can help with energy, depression. (depression, schizophrenia, psychiatric disorders)"

I’ve been audited because I sued the FDA, all the way to the US Supreme Court, for causing 150,000 deaths per annum, as published by the US National Academy of Science. The FDA is in coverup mode. See the Magnesium Online Library — the legal stuff is in the left column.

A young judge in the San Jose US District Court ruled that even if millions of deaths may have occurred, he couldn’t do anything. Then he resigned from the bench. See the Magnesium Online Library, first 3 paragraphs.
My wife has always been secretive, having full access to all my bank accounts and records, while her bank accounts and records are totally secret. I’ve done a good job providing for her and our kids, never failing, and I do 99.9% of the work.
I don’t think she needs to be institutionalized, but she does need to stop throwing monkey wrenches into my business.
I can’t refinance to get lower rates without an Income Tax Return, and she won’t sign. She won’t talk to me about any of this. I’m super-successful, while she is falling through the cracks, and I don’t know what to do.

She changed the locks on her doors, while my doors are unlocked.

I’m not a psychiatrist, so I don’t know what her ailment is classified as — but she’s definitely got a screw loose, and I’m willing to provide for her for the rest of her life. God Willing.

Yes, I hope my wife gets the help she needs. I’m not a psychiatrist, so I don’t know the name of her ailment. I just know she has a screw loose, and is very secretive. She has total access to my home, and I have Zero access to hers. Ditto bank accounts, etc.

There’s something wrong with her, but I don’t know the name of it. She does NOT need to be hospitalized, but she does need someone to look after her. She is diabetic, I am not, so I will probably outlive her, and I will look after her. But I can’t have her sabotaging my business.

Okay, that sheds a little more light on what is going on. Still cannot say it’s definitely a mental problem although the word 'eccentric" comes to mind and maybe a little paranoia.

I can relate somewhat to all this. My late wife kept one thing secret from me, though I found out through the computer files she kept. For awhile she slept in a separate room, but we didn’t have separate houses.
There were mental issues but I know they were caused by trauma and some of the dark spiritual experiences she had. Then I went on a few drinking binges to cope and that certainly didn’t help matters either.

What stinks is she won’t talk to you about it. Finances and property were something my wife and I could always talk about, and we shared everything.

I hate to bring this up, but is it possible she is planning to leave you, divorce, maybe? Such actions could indicate that…get all her own stuff in order and secure, then at some point say she wants a divorce.

Finally, and this just occurred to me and gave me chills…whether you believe it or not, you went up against the government big time. So I will ask how long has this been going on with your wife, and does the timing coincide with the lawsuit or after the lawsuit? You said she’s always been secretive, but now seems it’s worse: not signing tax forms, changing locks.
It’s possible she is being targeted to get to you. They have their methods.
this isn’t paranoid thinking, both my wife and I have experienced this on a number of levels, from having information deleted from the internet, to direct mind games that can really mess a person up if they don’t know what’s going on and can’t handle it…and most people can’t handle it very well.

But since she won’t talk about a lot of things and you have no access to her private info it would be hard to tell. I’m just saying it’s a possibility because of what you did, making waves with the FDA…
I am not surprised at all you say they are in cover up mode…one of their approved drugs, Abilify is known to cause suicidal thinking. they went so far as to require this labeling

"FDA Alert [4/11/2005]: Increased Mortality in Patients with Dementia-Related Psychosis

FDA has determined that patients with dementia-related psychosis treated with atypical (second generation) antipsychotic medications are at an increased risk of death compared to placebo. Based on currently available data, FDA has requested that the package insert for Abilify be revised to include a black box warning describing this risk and noting that this drug is not approved for this indication."

But my wife didn’t have dementia…yet she began thinking suicidal and started self abusing shortly after starting Abilify, attempted suicide once about 4 months later, and then succeeded in such an act a year later.
40 years old and never suicidal or self abusive in her life…she was totally against such things…she didn’t have these thoughts or actions while on other medication, but starts Abilify and does?

Abilify website itself states “Antidepressants may increase suicidal thoughts or behaviors in some children, teenagers, and young adults, especially within the first few months of treatment or when the dose is changed.”

So between the FDA and big pharma they warn about dementia, and young people, but leave out the rest of the adults?

I’ll just say this. I made some waves last year, took action regarding these issues, and some other stuff. And, I was messed with because of it.