Starting the process for guardianship for adult child


He can still improve. I used to fear my son would not come back but he is improving and in the hospital he is not smoking, and in a safe place. Breathe in and remember we can’t control this one. Didn’t cause it, can’t cure it but we can learn to cope. I’m borrowing that from somewhere on here, I’m sure.


I hear you Mom2.
my Son is having a hearing tomorrow to contest his conservatorship.

He social worker told that he will not win and the judge will not dismiss him because he is still sick, but I fear that he will be dismissed.
He is calling me and demanding that I buy him a Condo in California and cursing me when I tell him that this is not possible!!
I will fee more relaxed tomorrow after his court hearing…


I will be more relaxed tomorrow after his court hearing after I know the outcome!!


thanks Mom2 for your uplifting comments… I must learn how to cope…


Yes, my son just called and demanded a car. Next phone call was he was spending his money on cacti. Just listen and don’t let it get to you. My son hangs up as soon as he states what he wants so I can’t argue. All I can say is thank God he is talking. I don’t like taking care of his money, especially on days like this.


I know how unnerving that process is. I worried also how ours would go. Will you be present?


It was he last resort. He tried zyprexa, seroquel, respiradal, geodeon, and none of them worked. I fought from the beginning to get him on Clozapine and kept pushing even him. It has been miraculous for him so far. He is working again and socializing no more up all night with the aliens and people chasing him and the t.v. talking to him. He doesn’t sleep all day either. He says he is 90 percent better. I will take that


Oh my goodness, that is fantastic! In do happy for him and you!


Caar2016, I’ll be praying for you tomorrow. You are coping and DBT seems to help everyone. I know I need it for when my son is released.

I think DBT helps one from dwelling on the negative by interrupting those automatic thought processes and retraining our brain for different more positive choices and actions. Catherine on this site speaks highly of it and it is evidence based therapy both for our MIL and caregivers.


Keep us posted on the outcome. I am praying for you and your son.


I will be there since I am too far away.
But his social worker told me that a doctor came from the Conservator ship County to interview him and it did no go well. he was cursing the doctor heavily.
So I am hoping he will not b released yet.


I meant I will not be there. I am in a different State…


Thanks Hereandhere. yes, Prayers are always needed!


That is probably best that you aren’t there. I’m glad the social worker is at least talking with you. Stay strong. You are stronger than you think.


Lindag, this is great. what a wonderful outcome. Happy for both of you.

Good that your son is taking oral pills.
I just spoke to my Son social worker and he said that the doctor was thinking to give him Clozapine or Clozarine
but it does not come in Injection form since they cannot force him on oral pills…
Hopefully, they will try Invega-sustena in another week if he is still there…


a family friend will be there and he told me that he will host My son John in his home if the judge let him go. The issue is that My son is so sick and he prefers to be homeless than saying with Dean ( family friend).
I know, I have been through worse time that this.
I will pray and occupy myself tonight…


Wish you the best but it was a life saver for both of us


Thinking and praying for you and all of us and our loved ones this morning.


@CAAR2016. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I’m lifting you up from here with prayers and good thoughts. I’m sorry everything is such a battle for you. I fear that is what will happen with us. I filed the emergency guardianship papers but so far we have heard nothing about them. It’s only been three business days, though.


I was granted guardianship of my son almost 20 years ago. He is now 48 years old. I think the process differs from state to state, but I’m not sure. I was at wit’s end when I sent out a blanket email to my state’s NAMI, asking for help. I was put in touch with a wonderful lawyer who worked exclusively with this issue. She helped me get guardianship. Last year my son stopped his meds and filed for Termination of Guardianship. I filed an Objection to his Termination and we were given a court date. In the meantime he lost his phone, stopped picking up his mail and was holed up in his apartment. He was very angry with me, paranoid and psychotic. When he didn’t show up at court, the judge advised us, off the record, to file an order to have a mobile crisis unit visit him. I had called the local police several times to do a wellness check so I at least knew he was alive. The mobile crisis unit picked him up and took him to the hospital. He was violent and had to be restrained and injected with sedatives. He was in the hospital for three months and as his guardian, I was able to give the order to medicate him against his will. Once he’d been injected a few times he started to get better and agreed to take the meds orally. I thank God every day for the guardianship - without it he would probably be homeless and destitute. It’s a difficult journey, that’s for sure, but well worth it. My son is back, working a good job again, and telling everyone that he just had a “mid-life” crisis. I can laugh at that now, but it was awful. The guardianship is a very good thing.