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Still hurting


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I’m sorry to hear of your pain. I kind of know how you feel. My dad was an alcoholic so he was never around and my mom hated me for being different and having schizophrenia. She was ashamed of me she didn’t care or love me. She was psychically, and verbally abusive. Her screaming at me and threatening to kill me were such a common occurrence. I was in grade two when she punch me so hard it knocked me right of my feet. I remember that was the first time she really hit me hard, as I grew older I hit back and we would have fist fights in the living room. She once tried pushing me down the stairs. It hurts to be abandoned by your family. And me with my schizophrenia some times I hate her so much I think its her fault that I have schizophrenia.


I am sorry to hear that. Ive been in a physical fight with my mother too, but she did try to love me, just didn’t know how. I have an issue with blocking out bad memories and I can only remember a few.


That’s good that she loves you. I hope some how she finds a way to get better.


sending blessings and hugs your way…i am sorry for what you had to go through…


That sounds like a painful childhood. Are you in therapy now?