Stranger in the Nest-Cohen, David B-READ IT!

Hello all! Haven’t been here for a long time and it looks different! I had to pass this info about the book mentioned above. Please, please try to get a hold of it and read it! I’ve never understood the origins of schizophrenia until now! It’s a prenatal complication and begins in the 1st and 2nd trimester of pregnancy and manifests when the brain is fully development. People with schiz have MPA(minor physical anomalies) that occur with brain formation in the fetus. Just wanted to share this amazing book. Sure hope my words are spelled correctly as I’m using a tiny keypad. And my son is very well. No relapses since receiving Invega Sustenna injections in 2010. Same job since 2010 and just got a $1.00 raise. Invega Sustenna has been an absolute life safer for him! Valleyview

Hi Valleyview. Glad you made it over to the new site/format. Glad your son is doing so well.