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Some small thing that they enjoy

Does anyone else’s loved one with sz enjoy playing board games? My son has recently showed an interest in games like scrabble, chess, and monopoly, but his favorite seems to be monopoly. In so many ways, he has regressed so much, and it’s like he is 8 years old again. Regardless, I’m very grateful that he’s choosing to interact with us, in whatever form possible. Sad to see him get so excited about winning @ Monopoly, but happy that he’s not in psychosis or in the hospital. It could be so much worse. It is so bittersweet.


Aww i know but be happy he is finding stimulus in one form or another. Enjoy those precious moments and your so right its lke they regress. My own son is like a young teen again but without any interests. I would love to play scrabble or Monopoly with him … but alas not at this time. It could be worse but I know thats no help to you. But try enjoy it for what it is those small things which to your son will mean so much x


@Simdad, thank you for your kind message of hope and encouragement. I wish the same for you and your son.
Just to let you know my son has been in and out of hospitals for the last 5 years, all hell broke loose when he was 19. He is now 25, so it took 6 years for him to show interest in ANYTHING. But as you say, I will cherish whatever minute or hour with him that may bring him some comfort or even joy, because I know it’s so fleeting and can be snatched away in the blink of an eye. I just wish I can see him more like when he wins @ monopoly. It’s just so strange to see him acting like he’s in elementary school again, sometimes very innocent and clueless.

Please keep trying with your son, and may I say that you’re a pretty amazing dad. Very few dads post on here.

You & your son are in my thoughts. I know EXACTLY how your son is behaving. That was and is also my son.


I’m not sure if it’s common any more, but when I was in the hospital we’d have game time as an activity. Typically cards, but some board games. I’ve seen it depicted fairly accurately in a few movies.

I played a few games with nurses and I think a volunteer, but I don’t recall playing other patients. I wouldn’t sell your son short, it’s more advanced than 8 year old activity. I recall playing endless games of Monopoly in my late teens and college.

I definitely think it’s therapeutic, as it promotes social interaction, turn taking etc, as well as higher cognitive skills like concentration, strategizing, setting goals and achieving them, etc.

Per his joy at winning, I think caregivers sometimes need to take a step back and imagine how it feels to be told that much of what you think do and say are all wrong when you have a psychotic break, and how it feels like you’ve failed or done something wrong even if people keep telling you otherwise. My theory is that delusions of grandeur when ill are the brain’s attempt to recover self-esteem however fanciful. I think it’s good to have small “wins” here and there, as you may be able to leverage them into bigger wins later on. Even after recovery, it’s hard to shake the fact that you’ll always be behind-- that you’ve been held back or regressed somewhat in life. In the end you just have to cut yourself some slack and do the best you can.