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Sz and sexual problems in males

My ex seems to have a problem with sex not that he can’t perform he would just finish to fast and bothered him more than he could say. Is this normal.

I don’t think this has anything to do with sz.

your ex? are you worried about a ex

Yes I am. We’re still friends and he’s off his meds now, I was told that sz men stop meds to be able to fefeel, that the meds hinder sex.

They can make your libido go DOWN…they don’t make you more excited as well as I’m aware… If he’s off his meds his sexual libido shouldn’t be what you’re worried about for him. Sheesh.

Ty anyways I was just curious.

I am very worried about that also and have been for a very long time, but he fled to Canada because his sister got conservatorship over him and his money. I’m not that shallow, I love him for him sex or no sex.

I’m glad then :alien:

Some of us sz have a lot going for us but still have very hard times finding keeping relationships so I’m glad there’s some of us out there with someone outside family who cares

Take care now :rabbit:

Ty I will, and you as well:-)

cool…the ap’s do effect some people and the condition sz

my fear/aniexty was so high in 2003 i could not have sex, i felt mortierfied from it at the time

The meds can hinder libido, but they have other drugs that can combat those side effects. A lower dose of his current med might also help. Being off meds altogether and in a different country sounds like a horrible situation.

It’s the worst ever for him, and me I miss him tremendously.

I found rispiridone to kill both my erectile functioning and libido. Clozapine gave me retrograde ejaculation.

Ssris can effect climax as well.

Just get him on some ssris lol.