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Advice on how to help my boyfriend enjoy our sex life more


My boyfriend has schizophrenia and his medications make it hard for him to finish when we have sex. He says he doesn’t mind and that it feels good and he enjoys it but I want to be able to make him feels as good as he makes me feel. I know it bothers him when he can’t finish and it bothers me. He says not to blame myself and I tell him the same thing I just want to be able to do more. He wants to talk to his therapist about adding a med that could help, but I don’t want him to have to add more if l can try to do something different instead.


This is just my opinion for what it’s worth. Love is much more than the mechanics of the act. Fine tuning your approach and finish such as it is can take time when someone has schizophrenia and is contending with medications and their side effects. It sounds like you and your boyfriend have very good communication and that is half the battle. I would trust what your boyfriend says to you and not press him to have to add meds or anything but do encourage him to ask the doctor about this issue and see if it is due to a side effect of his meds and maybe he could tell the doctor that he isn’t really wanting to add more meds if that can be helped or is there is anything else that can be done instead of adding meds. In the meantime it seems you have a loving relationship and the intricacies of how you express your love is not so important as just continuing to express it as well as you can and accept each other for just how you are right now. Expectations can add pressure which is stressful for anyone. Time and patience added to your love can take you both very far. Best wishes to you and your boyfriend. :heart:


I agree with your opinion I love things as they are I just don’t like how disappointed he is with himself when he can’t finish. I support him talking to his doctor about what could be done to help it, but I don’t want him to have to take another med that could mess with everything I don’t want him to do that if he doesn’t have to.