Romantic intimacy and sz

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So with my husband on a wide variety of psych meds, we find it pretty tough to have a sex life on any kind of regular basis. A lot of the time he just doesn’t want it due to meds, or is in too bad a frame of mind to focus on love.

Do any sz or people married to sz have any tips or advice? Does it get better after a few years on the meds?

I’m a single sz male, and the med’s have had a strong effect on my sexuality. Maybe you could get your husband some type of testosterone supplement. That might cause prostrate cancer, though. Schizophrenia sucks.

I’m guessing something like Viagra could be looked at with a doctor’s permission?

This may sound somewhat off however we have lots of threads here on the forum regarding masturbation (male) and the same ideals work for a woman :wink:

Lol! Too true! I guess there’s always options.

It’s a common side effect. I have trouble keeping things up (pun intended) when I am on zyprexa in addition to geodon, but that is when I am having a relapse. Otherwise I am just on Geodon, which just makes me last long, doesnt cause dysfunction. Lasting for up to an hour beats premature ejaculation, in my opinion. And this is a good question.

Aside from viagra, try stuff from GNC or a vitamin shop, they have all sorts of stuff that men take to increase performance. The thing is, I’ve never taken any of those supplements, I am 21 and my body is in its prime. Just go in and ask for male sexual performance supplements, probably the second or third person asking for those that day. One of the employees told me that some of their stimulants are often bought by men for sexual performance.

But yeah, stimulants help. Caffeine in moderation helps. Try green tea before you go at it, I was feeling tired one night and this girl I was seeing made me green tea and it worked. I don’t have ED, like I said, I just get sedated without caffeine.