SZ girlfriend went to the sheriffs dept..what now

My girlfriend has been doing terrible on her medicine. Its as if she’s taking nothing.
The risperdone is literally doing nothing and she is back to telling everyone I’m trying to poison her and slipping her
drugs in her food. Today she got angry with me about filing taxes because she wanted to get some money and got in an argument with me and then drove to the sheriffs dept to tell them I was trying to poison her.
Also telling them she could hear what they were thinking.
She took a piece of art from my house and drove an hour away to pawn it…thinking it was worth a million dollars…of course it was a small statue worth like 30 bucks.
This is the second time she has filed a report at the sheriff saying I’m poisoning her and putting meth in her food.
She talks constantly now back and forth responding not to me…but to the voices in her head. Most the time they tell her
negative things about me. Its pretty awful.
She came home after all this and told me she loved me and she’s sorry.
I am so worried for her. I don’t know what to do. And I’m worried for me too. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

is there anyway you can get her to a better psychiatrist, or hers which ever is easier to convince that the risperidone isn’t working. The third time I was put on risperidone it didn’t work for me either. I thought my mother was poisoning me. what got me out of it was going to the hospital and getting some antipsychotics from there and then switched clinics.

You’re so awesome for replying. That makes me feel better. I was so worried because it seems her medicine isn’t working.
The sheriffs office called and told me I need to have her involuntarily committed temporarily. That is just so hard for me to do. I hate to see her put through that. I’m going to talk to her about going to a hospital. I hope she will. She’s really a sweet person. This disease makes her a different person.

Depending on where you live, there might be a NAMI family support group you can attend. You can definitely call their hotline Monday through Friday. Support & Education | NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness

If I were in your situation, my first step would be to find out whether or not there is a local mental health crisis team that can come to your house and talk to your girlfriend and maybe connect her with some more effective resources. Ours is through the state health and welfare department. I might also call the police, especially since they know her, and ask them what to do to get her treatment.

As I was typing this, I saw your reply. Good luck good luck good luck

Don’t fear the hospital. It is what is best for her now. I’ve been hospitalized and it wasn’t so bad. It is just boring.

The police are right. She needs to be committed.

The sheriff told you that? If so, call them back and ask them to help you get her committed. It’s way better to do it when the police know what is going on, then having to call 911 out of the blue because she is out of control.

I know it is difficult to have a loved one voluntarily committed, I had to do it 5 times in the past 4 years with my ex. But, believe me, it is one of the best things that you can do.

Ok, let me rephrase that, it’s probably the best of things you could do right now. I admit, you will feel guilty about it, especially the first time. She may resent you for it, even if she says she is happy when she gets out, for years. But, it is worth it, it was the only way I could get my ex to stabalize for a month or 2. That and the break from the psychosis is very beneficial for the care giver as well.

I think that SZ killed the wife that I married and loved for the first 10 years of our marriage. The person who has emerged from this disease is a selfish and nasty individual, nothing like the sweet caring woman I used to know.