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SZ Mother wants to leave home

We live in an apartment and My mother thinks that our neighbor who lives downstairs to us is harrasing her constantly and this has been going on for the past two years…she refused to go to a pyschiatrist saying she wasn’t ill…she finally agreed to go to a doctor a while agp and was diagnosed with paranoid SZ and now is on meds since a month but still she thinks that the meda are useless…Now she is adamant to leave the apartment and go live with my uncle saying she cant live here anymore…We have lived here since 14 years and she wants to just leave…I am kind of okay with that…and wants what she feels best for her for now…Should i intervene and ask her to stay here for a couple more weeks to consider if she feels differently after medication or am i being selfish asking her to stay here? Please help…i dont know what to do…Thanks😅

What does the Uncle think? Would he take her in?

Yep…they all are pretty cool about it and more than helpful…i forgot to mention a few things too…i am a college student and my dad expired when i was in my primary school…it’s always have been me and my mom since the beginning as my brother went through hostel during his college and now in another city for his job…i feel as if it should be my responsibility taking care of her as she has single-handedly of me and my brother and should not let her move out may that be even for a few months…needed an outside perspective

I’d let her go. She may find she wants to come back right away. You can always have her come back. If her brother is game for it it’d do it. You can always visit. Are they close by? More folks will respond and you’ll get some good ideas.

Yes…only a few kms away…We talked and decided that i too will have my lunch and dinner there and will be at our own house for sleeping and studies and the other stuff…she just wants to get out of this place…she’s still deciding what to do :pensive:

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It sounds like you will miss her.


Hello Homer,
You sound like a very caring son. So many of us hear who care about our loved ones.
If your uncle is well informed of her MI and is okay with this, you could try it to see how it works out. she can always return. It sound like you would have your mom back. It would give you a nice break, maybe do something fun!

Thanks…really appreciate it…we are infact moving forward with this today itself…i ll make sure she doesnt skip her meds and apart from that fingers crossed​:sweat_smile::metal:t2:

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Keep us posted on how it goes.

That’s a good plan and you are too young to be fully responsible for your mum yet


Will do :slight_smile:

My mother’s delusion have no doubtedly increased over the past two years but they were always manageable…thanks for the concern tho if i understood it correctly @Hatty

Met the doctor today and he too said that in many cases changing the environment can itself be all a person needs…also said that he would stop the meds after a month to see if the delusions persists even after stopping the meds(she is much better since a few days after starting the meds)

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