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Tell us how you are today?


@Day by Day. Yes. This is a long road. One step forward, two back. That is why we take it day by day, as your name so beautifully states. I wanted to fix my daughter foe so many years, to make her the way she used to be. Today, I pray for the daily strength to accept my daughter.

I send you a hug.


Yes DianeR, my son is once again in the hospital. Stress led to increased symptoms, so he asked to go.

At this point, after 11 months of injectable meds, it’s all about him learning how to recognize when he’s in distress and then reaching out for professional help before he gets to a severe acute stage. That’s what he did. This will be a short-ish stay.


Thanks for the kind words and the hug Alwayshopeful. Fixing my son’s brain is a pipe dream, but I’m really hoping he can still find a way to be happy.

We can only be as happy as our saddest child.


That’s a good decision on tour sons part, it shows that he is aware that something is not right. I hope you are relieved.
Wish you the best, AnnieNorCal


This is going to be a downer post.

I really don’t know what happened, but my son lost it yesterday. He broke a window, tore down a door, smashed all the drawers of a dresser, and kicked in the front of the oven.

I was having a pleasant Sunday, and then he sent a text asking me to come over to clean up broken glass. I did head over. On my way, he ranted to me on the phone for part of the trip. After I got there and cleaned up the glass, he was clearly still very agitated. Nothing new in what he was saying, but he was not coming down. I stayed until he took his meds, and then left. I got some further text messages, including that he had broken the door.

I went over at noon today, and indeed, he had destroyed the door and the dresser. I want to not be angry, knowing it is the illness, but it just makes my heart sick, and I DO feel angry that he will do such senseless destruction. From what he says, I think he thinks it is a way to gain respect from “them”.

I will give it a bit more time to see if he comes down off of this. He does have some Ativan, but hasn’t taken any.

I don’t know if I will clean up the mess in his room or just let it be in his way. I swept up splinters from the door on the floor outside the bedroom.

A scene I’m sure many of you can relate to. The door on the floor belongs in the doorway I am looking thru.


Sorry you are having to go through this! Would he clean it up if you left it for him? My son is very messy in his room. I don’t even go in. I do clean up after him in the main area as I don’t want it to turn into his room. Frustrating I know.


I’m so sorry your son is in such a bad way right now. I hope things can quickly get back to normal, or at least a more stable state.

When’s the last time this sort of property destruction happened? Did the last bad spell come and go quickly?


Thank you AnnieNorCal. My son’s behavior was getting more and more challenging to deal with, so I’m thoroughly enjoying this much needed break.


I will try just saying, when you are ready to clean this up, I will help.

Its going to be hard for me to leave it, with the door gone.


My son has for the last several months limited his destructive behavior to a single steel entry door. It is very dented, but still works.

He had done some damage to the bedroom door already, but it was still in place. I have already had to remove 4 other doors because of his behavior.

I hope this is resolved in some way by next week, as I am planning to go visit my 90-year old mother. In the past, he has often needed hospitalization to break such a cycle.


I can’t remember. Is this property that you own but not at your home? Maybe use sheets for doors if this is his own place?


Yes, this is a place I own, where he lives. I have thought of that, but also just feel like I am tired of coming up with solutions to problems he creates.I’m sure you understand.

I stopped repairing holes in the wall, because he would just recreate them.


That was going to be my next question Vallpen. (Do you think a hospitalization is on the horizon…)

Good luck. I hope your plans with your mother can continue.


Sorry you are going through this today. Never a dull moment with our children.


I hear you. My son is up all night (again) now due to his job starting at 10 and ending at 7 am so on his off nights he is up all night going in and out of the house like every 30 minutes. I didn’t get much sleep last night. I hope eventually he can get a place on his own. At that point I’m sure I will be frantic as he likely won’t stay in touch often.


hi , my son also goes in and out the house every 30 min , is that paranoia ?


Wow, haven t been on the forum in a week or so and a lot is going on with everyone. My heart goes out to all of our bad problems from this disease. I wish so bad that none of us had to deal with all this hard stuff, and I really wouldn’t believe it all if I didn’t have a son with sz. My son has been about the same, only going out places with me, and barely doing that. He watches tv all day or u tube videos. He has daily episodes where he hears lots of loud voices and has to be alone and take extra medicine. also the paranoia is very bad. It is about most everything from mail he gets is fake ,to thinking someone is hacking his bank accounts. He is never violent, very thankful for that. I mourn the loss of his normal life always and feel he got so cheated, but I admire how he is handling the suffering.Pretty intense stuff with this disease.


As I know you are, I’m worried for your son and his potential for a relapse. Good sleep is so important.

Would he consider a job change, to something without an overnight shift?


Hi Irene. Although your boy is clearly not living much of a quality life, I’m so glad to hear he is at least going out with you again, here and there. I hope things can improve for you both. Hang in there.


Hi everyone, this is Always
Hopeful. I have changed the name used on this thread since there were too many with the name hope, and I was feeling a bit invisible. I hope everyone has as good of a day as possible. The fact that those 13 members have all been freed from the cave in Thailand is great news, and a good way to begin the day. May it continue to be good for all.