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Tell us how you are today?


Such a beautiful home you have provided for your son. I am so very sorry. Really hope he settles down before your visit to your mom.


Better today. I could tell from the motion detector sensors of the security system that my son had remained in motion most of the day.
When I got there after work, he told me these things:

“I want you to understand that when I broke the window I was being controlled by someone else.”
"I have attained self enlightenment so nothing that happens to me will bother me anymore.:

To the second, I said, Then you will be very serene from now on!


In our case my son is smoking. I think he only takes a few drags at a time.


My son has told me in the past that some of the mail I got was fake.


Well he’s only about 3 weeks into this and his “preferred schedule” is to be up most of the night and sleep the day. I think it is less stressful for him at night in general and likely a lot less stressful for him to work at the store when there are few customers. Last night was quiet and I amped up the white noise. I think once I point out to him that he was keeping me up and there are ways to quietly shut the door I think he tries to be more quiet. I hope he will eventually get his own place. That would be so nice.


@AnnieNorCal I agree with Annie…we are here to listen and empathize. And the letters may have more meaning than your son can acknowledge or express right now. At one time, I was reading a daily devotional out loud to our son and there was literally no response (he was in a semi-catatonic state at the time) but when he was “better”, he told me “Mom, you don’t know how much that meant to me!” He did not seem to have paid attention to the letters and cards he has received over the past year during different hospitalizations, his birthday, etc., but this past weekend he was going through some of the more recent ones I took to him and he was going through them and asking about them with interest!


Hi Gursevak14. Have things calmed down a bit with your son? I hope so.

I hope you are ok.


Hi there yes they have thanks he broke s glass vase that night and had cuts near his neck luckily there not deep . I put his meds in his food that’s the only way I can save him as he believes there’s no problem , he just accidentally drank too much as he allways says after an episode like this


I’m sorry to hear of troubles.

@Vallpen, I think you are asking good questions. It’s really hard to know what to do and what not to do. I like the offer of help. Cleaning up the glass for safety was smart, plus he asked.


really hurting tonight. all my life ive never cared about sports or toys or anything because all i wanted was for my mom to be better. this whole thing has been so hard with my mom having schizophrenia, ive never really had a “normal” mom before the delusions started either because the addiction to opioids, so that makes it harder never knowing what having a mom is like. i have many strong examples of mothers in my life but they have their own familys so i cant really talk to them without feeling bad. just recently has been really hard just letting go that i will never have the mom ive hoped for. ive had such a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep just because my brain will not stop although my body is physically so exhausted and i just dont know what to do anymore


Thank you for the kind words of encouragement, @hope @Day-by-Day and @Jan!!

My brother has been on his new dosage this past week and things seem to be going okay (knock on wood). He’s on slightly less olanzapine and began depakote. The first night he tossed around some papers and was pacing much of the night, but hasn’t since. I assume his body just needed time to adjust to the new medication. He seems more awake and more ‘tuned in.’ Before I might need to repeat his name a couple times to get his attention, but he’s more responsive now. Not sure how it’s working for his delusions or anything, but fingers crossed he remains stable. His 35th bday is coming up soon and we plan on getting him a bike. Hopefully he can manage keeping it locked up!


That is so awesome. I bet your brother is appreciative with the change and having more of a home environment and people who care about him.


How am I today? Well my son was discharged today, after a one-week voluntary hospitalization. He seems more relaxed and calm, but we’re back to living in “Fort Knox”, with the doors always being locked. Although I’m already missing my “vacation”, it could be worse. It certainly has been.

This break has been good for me as a caregiver. I feel recharged with some patience. I hope it lasts.

It was an unremarkable hospital stay, which is a nice change. There was no drama and there were no med changes…still at max dosage of Invega Sustenna.


Glad to hear your son is home and it was low drama. Is he on 254 mg for the shot? Are all the doors to the outside locked? Everytime I go to the garbage I have to take my keys with me in the event the doors get locked. It makes for a lot of extra work.


Yes. My son has been at 234 mg since his last hospitalization in March. Before that he was at 156 mg. In total, he’s had 11 monthly injections. Things are so much better than they were last year at this time, so I’m very grateful.

I have lots of house keys hidden outside. Ugh.


Sorry abut all the hidden keys, I am relieved that things are better than they were last year at this time for your son.

While this might not apply to you I want to write it somewhere before I forget it. My friend who had a son on Clozapine (she was the FTF instructor) said that if they go to Clozapine they keep them on the injection AP during the transition period. She said - if the doctor knows what they are doing -her son’s doctor specialized in scz.


Thanks Hope. Yes, I too was told that the injection overlapping with Clozaril would be a good thing.

During the hospitalization, my son continued to refuse oral meds or any med changes. Forcing a med change can only happen with a civil court hearing, and a person has to be in a severe acute state for a judge to side with the hospital on that. That’s not at all how my son looks now that he’s been on the injections for such a long period of time. He’s still paranoid, etc., but he’s come a long way.

Hopefully, things will continue on this upward path, even without the switch to Clozaril. We shall see. It’s been two steps forward, one step back for a while now, but I’ll take it.


I hear you. I have one but I also have an option to lock my door and break in if needed through the window.

@hope - Thanks for the info on Clozaril.


Today we went to court for a year old ticket plus some other charges resulting from not going to court. They pushed the date out again as the Dr. who did a competency eval on my son said he was incompetent. So I guess that is good for now, and he is basically doing what they call out of custody restoration. Which is living with me and staying the course - the program of meds and seeing a doctor. My son said - yeah I’m probably going to be on this shot for a while. What? That’s a first. Next he will be reevaluated again before the next set court date. This time they will do it by bringing a doctor to him. He also seems to be getting more clear.


How are things?
Our family is good.
We are not sure what is happening with our son Lou, he is still in further proceedings with the court system in SoCal. New court date July 24th.
For those of you reading my post, our son was injured and recovering from an auto accident and suffered a severe TBI. He assualted a man and was arrested, he has never been charged as we await what will happen to him. He is currently being held for a competency hearing which has been extended several weeks. Our son is also a ward of the state and is currently residing in a state hospital. He was moved back to the court system for the hearing where he is detained.
We are not allowed any information about his situation because of HIPAA. Although our son may be able to sign a ROI form he has chosen not to or is incapable. Catch 22 here. Getting gaurdianship is very complicated due to the circumstances and have to think about what is best for all.
So that’s where we are at, all said, we await news from the court appointed attorney, who specializes in the extreme cases of MI and assault. Lou does not have a criminal record and has never been in any trouble with the police.
We miss him and pray for him.
Take care, AnnieNorCal