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that sounds dangerous to us schizophrenics lol a site where everyone agrees to max out your meds and force people out of bed


It’s for caregivers. I am currently on the site and see no reference to maxing out meds or forcing someone out of bed.


just joking. if my dad had his way id have had a job on day 1 and still psychotic at work taking a higher dose of med, hed be at my door everyday pulling me out of bed with my anxiety being so bad. stil recovering blessed i have so little external stress i can sit in my room while the meds leave my system. im perfectly fine now no voices doctor finally agreed to let me off after seeing my progress from letting myself off. only issues were from meds themselves like TD. it definitely took me awhile to learn to use my new brain after meds but he kept seeing that iw as acting normal enough but part of it was i didnt feel normal emotions and sedation in my muscles


I was getting a bit hypersensitive about this post too… My Mom fought tooth and nail… put in a lot of hours to get my med dose Lowered, not raised.

The family relayed the story that the doc was against the idea at first and kept telling my Mom that I would get worse…

For a little while I had ground to a halt. I was so deep in negative symptom, I was nearly catatonic… so she kept saying… He’s hardly moving, speaking, eating or even blinking, how much worst will he get?

So my Mom fought hard to get the med change and I do sort of remember feeling the over sedation start to leave me when the med dose got cut back and switched around. When I was back up and moving and starting to bathe again and not wander around outside in my PJ’s… My Mom got me to therapy.

After that… it was the kick off of the upward spiral. I am very grateful my mom fought as hard as she did for less dose.


Thanks Barbie…Really need this!


Ok, I got it instantly. It made me giggle. But also, like SurprisedJ’s mum I want my son on the lowest dose possible and the least number of meds. Ironically, that’s why I asked him to start them asap and not to jump on and off them. Late start and irregular use usually leads to increased dosages and worse symptoms. We work on a holistic basis - minimal meds, regular exercise, excellent diet, fish oil, and after reading this forum, I’m going to suggest niacin - seems to help a lot of people. And for “breakthrough” symptoms a couple of aspirin.
I don’t think anyone loves the meds for themselves, but they’re the best for some people right now.


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