The Huffington Post - Canada's Shocking Waste Of A Billion Grams Of Medical Cannabis Resin

You won’t believe the shocking waste of medical cannabis resin in Canada!

When you think of cannabis resin, you probably think of sticky marijuana buds, or chunks of fine hashish. But did you know that almost all of Canada’s cannabis resin is being grown by hemp farmers? Even more shockingly, they throw it all away!

In 2013, Canadian farmers grew about 27,000 hectares (66,700 acres) of cannabis hemp for seed. These fields of female “hemp” plants look just like “marijuana” with big, sticky, resinous buds. In fact, “hemp” plants can produce just as much resin as “marijuana” plants.

It’s true that hemp resin is low in psychoactive THC, but it’s still rich in CBD and other medicinal cannabinoids. Like THC, CBD is a cannabinoid with many medicinal benefits, but unlike THC it doesn’t really get you high.

The benefits of CBD have only become known fairly recently, and now many marijuana breeders are working to produce high CBD strains, by crossing “hemp” strains with “marijuana” strains. Their goal is to produce marijuana-type plants that make CBD instead of THC.

I hope they are not thinking of adding any synthetics?