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Using CBD oil for psychosis

When you have tried everything and all you get is newer and more meds which ultimately need to be replaced again. I’ll try to post a link to a research article here that I ran across. Hope you can open this link. It’s a research paper done in the Netherlands in 2013 complete with trials. Page 6 charts results of using CBD oil on several groups of individuals at different doses. Our son has been in the system for 25 years and we are basically back where we started. Until he tried the CBD oil. Things changed within the first 48 hours. At day 5 he NO LONGER HEARS THE VOICES. He continues using the oil with his meds and we are hopeful he will be able to reduce the meds.

If anyone wants more details we would be glad to share our experiences to date. The link above has a lot of very useful information.


What form does the oil come in and what does it taste like?
Patients who refuse taking medication, but are using marijuana, might agree to take this oil.

You can get CBD oil at most head shops in the states now - it’s legal to buy because it’s made from hemp & has no THC. If you live in the states, you’d have to be some place like Colorado to get the more potent oils made from specially bred marijuana that has a lot of CBD and practically no THC.

I think the problem is that it’s not regulated, so you have to trust that you’re getting a high enough percentage of CBD in the oil.

My husband has bought the gummy candy with the CBD oil in it - he said it helped some with his back pain.

CBD is also the substance in marijuana that can kill cancer cells in a lab setting - it’s what gives marijuana most of its medical properties. It can also temper the high you get from THC so that the effects are more calm & physical. There’s a lot of research on it, and I think it shows promise - the problem is getting your hands on the right thing if you don’t live in the right place.


My son tried it and the first day was amazing but then it didn’t seem to work as well. If you lived in a legal state and could find a reputable resource, I would think it might help with the anxiety.

My son (31yrs) only talks when he wants something like cigarettes or food. I want to try him on cbd oil. I spoke with his doctor, who said he didn’t mind me giving it a try and to watch for any changes, obviously stop if it worsened. Anyone know how much I should start with? How many drops a day etc. It is pretty expensive to buy the good quality, but I shall give it a go, and fingers crossed. At the moment he is on depot flupendexal ( sure I spelt it wrong!) Once every 2 weeks, and an anti depressent tablet once a day.

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We take 15mg 3 times a day
And it seems to work miracles
We don’t mind bumping it up to 25mg x 3 a day
Or going as slow as 5mg x3 a day
All of those 3 worked amazing
Especially starting off with 5mg 3x a day
You have to get a really good cbd brand…
Not sure where you live…
But they have this brand called papa berkely that is a 30:1 ratio cbd/thc that is really good
Even a 21:1 ratio cbd/thc is really amazing
Just my suggestions
Cbd is a must…
This brought happiness in our lives

You have to be very careful…
There’s a lot of cbd scam artist out there that sell you horrible product…
And you never get to try real CBD …

How are you doing?

We are based in London UK. Can it be taken once a day with any success? Anyone have experience of that? I couldn’t be with him 3 times a day everyday to administer it?

Once a day is better than none…
Success would be until it wore off

Thank you, that makes sense!

CBD derived from hemp is legal in most states. You want to make sure that the product is grown in the US and that the company provides lab reports from their product. A good source for info and reputable brands is: They also provide coupon codes. Many of the companies have special pricing for the disabled and veterans.


Is it addictive?
Could it be found without THC?
Im afraid that antipsychotics and antidepressants,benzos etc… may interact with the THC…
Thank you