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These threads really are pretty much public

I wanted to mention that the threads on this site are pretty much open to the public. Someone had posted on another thread recently that this forum seemed less public than facebook.

A few months back, a forum member was upset to find things they had posted were available through search tools. The member said they had been unaware this was the case. While you have to be a member to post on a thread, you don’t have to be a member to read a thread.


I appreciate you sharing that. My Initial reaction was “Oh no, what if someone finds my posts?” But when I thought about it, I have not said anything wrong, nothing I wouldn’t say to anyone face to face. In essence I have done nothing to be ashamed of nor has anyone else. Anyone can read my posts, I am fine with that. I am posting for subsequent readers who may freak out initially as a reaction. I would encourage you not to. Stigma is real and can only be eradicated by honest voices like those on this forum. What everyone of us is doing is vitally important everyday. We are asking tough questions, dealing with impossible situations, and trying to cope every day.


I do not believe it was you that made the comment about the forum being less public than Facebook. In many ways it is.