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Feeling very upset


That I should be abusively attacked by anyone for posting news/research articles. I have been doing this with occasional, slight breaks since 1998 .
It is my way of trying to help and I don’t think I deserve to be attacked for that.


I don’t think you deserved it either.

I, for one, find useful or interesting information in some of your posts that I wouldn’t have seen elsewhere.

Don’t let people get to you - there’s always going to be people who have some kind of inner issues that they somehow feel better about by trying to make other people feel worse.

You’ve been very kind and helpful to take the time to keep us informed.


I agree that you don’t deserve the attack.

I hope you will keep posting. Your posts help me.


@firemonkey don’t take it personally, I like your posts as do many others, but don’t you have the capability to un-invite someone who continues to be disruptive?


Unfortunately there is no way of blocking posters. Only the mods can ban a poster,temporarily or otherwise.



Please continue to post articles and research. We all need to education and the hope that some of the information provides. Thank you so much for keeping us updated.


Hey firemonkey, I’m not around much anymore so i didn’t see what happened but try to tune out the abusers. You know that every now and then someone says something stupid about your news posts but it’s usually because they are symptomatic. I have always really valued your posts. In fact over three years I haven’t seen a single post from you that I didn’t value.


@firemonkey: I appreciate you and remember when I first came on this board - it must have about 2002 when I started reading your messages and I found it very useful. Most recently I found your post to be eye-opening. Sometimes folks become very stressed over a family member who is not doing well and are frustrated, hurt and feeling very depressed and that may be why you were attacked on the forum. It isn’t nice or but I suspect that something is going on in their lives that is extremely challenging. Try not to take it personally.


firemonkey, I am so sorry you have been attacked on this site. You do not deserve that, at all. Please do not take it personally. It tells much, much more about whomever attacked you than it does about you, at all. Thank you for sharing your helpful posts with us all. Please continue.


My heart goes out to you. Please keep up the good work. Trolls seem to be everywhere, these days. They thrive on being responded to, so it’s best to ignore them.


Don’t let a bully get you down. We all need each other here and I’m so thankful for your posts.